Friday, December 26, 2008

Here comes 2009...

Sadly, I was taken out by one hell of a Christmas cold. I am still coughing up several organs at regular hourly intervals.

This year, as with others, is complete with several happy holiday memories for the mental scrapbook I carry around. Not the least of which was the little adventure that was created when we went to get the tree....

I have an artificial one. It's perfectly suitable and does not require fussing about in sub zero weather. BUT... my parents decided they really wanted to take the kids out to a tree farm like we used to do, select the tree and drink hot chocolate.

It seems all warm and fuzzy doesn't it? But my memories of the same tradition as a child picture it more as a form of unusual torture; forced out of bed at an ungodly hour, dressed in so many clothes we could not feel our limbs, driven tired out to a field somewhere - on the way passing by some parking lots filled with lovely pre-selected and pre cut trees - and squishing our faces against the window praying that THAT was the tree farm. On we would drive - usually for 30 minutes. Usually in a snow storm. We would arrive, trek off into the wilderness - our noses running and our fingers threatening to fall off. We would spy a tree and point it out. The standard response was issued, "Let's remember that one..." On we would wander in snow up to our middles, no longer able to feel our toes. Eventually someone would start wining - sometimes even snivelling. Father would get edgy; this was the great tree tradition and it would be fun... eventually we would end up going to the nearest tree, chopping it down and dragging it home to decorate. We would be frozen, grumpy and exhausted. In actual fact, somehow those have turned into some of the best memories I have.

This year was no exception. The poor kids, lol. Dressed up like little Eskimos they trudged through waist deep snow. They gave up several times and just lay down atop the white stuff - but it occurred to them whilst down there to perfect their snow angel making abilities. Way to take the lemons kids! They were amazing. I ended up giving Babs a piggy back for part of the way. But the rest of the time they ended up being little troopers - on a big adventure. The day was cold but sunny and the blanket of snow glistened like diamonds. We wrote messages in the snow to each other - and took turns dragging the tree. We trekked half an hour out into the woods and back again. I occasionally stopped to text message Spartan (and wrote a few messages in the snow for him too). Then we went for hot chocolate and treats. The kids had pink little cheeks and dimples as deep as the snow. They are so proud of their tree.

Don't get me wrong - I love the idea of an artificial tree - but I think once and a while it might have to be part of the tradition to trek out to a tree farm and make some more memories - frozen toes be damned.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful holiday.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holy crap I'm trapped

Luckily INSIDE my house. Going out today in the first place was dumb - almost couldn't make it home. Lucky for me I did... and now I can stand in the window and laugh at all of the people who are stuck in the snow. Plenty of them too. I'd offer my assistance is getting them unstuck but they are the same people who kept getting stuck last year - and I'd have thought they might have learned their lesson. Perhaps if they have to work a bit harder - they will think twice before trying to leave again. Tomorrow morning I have a feeling that I will be getting one hell of an arm workout. If I still have any residual energy - I've plans of building a snow castle in the yard complete with a snow-Spartan to be the resident prince. Should be fun. I'll be sure and take pics.

Spartan and I had our Christmas last week - I was spoiled rotten and left with a heart feeling so full of love it was fit to burst. I have such good people. I am so very blessed. I have such a wonderful, loving, handsome and kind husband to be - wonderful friends and a great big smile on my face (and in my heart).

Tonight - as we are snowed in and such... I think the kids and I will make a pizza, turn on a movie and snuggle up on the couch. *JOY*

Then, after they are tucked in dreaming of Sugarplum fairies and Ninjabread men - I will myself tuck into my warm bed with a sigh and think of how very wonderful life is... and how everything has a way of working out.

Hope you guys are full of Christmas cheer. Or wine. They are often one and the same ;o)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ok. How much luggage can a person fly with...

I packed for Wednesday - which may seem a bit premature to some but considering my schedule (kids skating, Christmas preparations etc.) over the next 3 days - it isn't. When I packed everything I realized I only had room enough in my luggage (other than gifts etc) to pack a pair of socks, underwear and a t-shirt. I hope there aren't any formal dinners in my near future or people might begin to wonder... if they hadn't already. I did however keep my priorities straight and managed to squish in 2 pairs of shoes. Talk about down sizing! I usually have an entire case of shoes and hair products. Issues? Yes, but I always had great hair when the need arose. Looks like this season calls for the Lilith look. Perhaps I can dress it up with a sprig of holly. Maybe a little evergreen branch?

Kid quotes of the week;

In a discussion about children misbehaving and what Santa will offer them by way of a gift, Babs shouts, "I know!!! - A junk of coal!!".

In a discussion with a girl at school about the perils of smoking, Roo says, "Oh no - shouldn't ever try that.... you might get attracted to it."

I love kids.

I'm off to the annual girls Christmas brunch - where we will don horrible Christmas sweaters and eat copious amounts of high calorie food. That has to be the best bit of the holidays... that and the kids sparkling eyes when they go to sleep on Christmas Eve.