Friday, February 24, 2012

That damn bird...

Last week I noticed that both sides of my car had a large amount of bird poop on it. No trees near my driveway so it seemed strange. Oddly, a couple of days later and still no trees in sight there was a substantial addition to the former streaks of bird shit... indeed something was not right here.

Several days later I noticed a robin perched upon the side of my car...and he was looking at himself in the mirror. He was fluffing and kissing himself... and so I made a big commotion and scared him away.

Days go by. He keeps coming back and gazing lovingly at himself whilst pooping on my car.

I hatch a plan! I print a picture of a terrifying owl and tape it to the window.

This is a picture of the bird laughing at me. He literally opened his beak and made a hahahaha sound. (notice the terrifying owl?)
Tomorrow I will sit inside the car waiting for the little bastard... and then I will bake him into a pie.