Monday, April 20, 2009

Lawn Mower Fun

So the other day I accompanied my parents to purchase a lawn mower... this would normally be a somewhat onerous task... but not with me involved;

We arrive in the lawn mower section where upon my Mother and I spy riding lawn mowers. What could be more fun than that? Exactly. We decide to have a self propelled riding lawn mower race. This is accomplished by one saddling up and rocking the lawn mower back and forth in neutral until you build up enough momentum to move it in the desired direction.

So we choose our steeds wisely and the race commences. Picture it. My mother with her Nanny hair do and I - perched atop riding lawn mowers actively trying to beat each other in the race.

We got quite into our fun and failed to notice the appearance of would be spectators... until one of them started cheering. At that point my Mother turned quite red in the face and dismounted. She then scuttled away to hide behind my father who was regarding the entire event with great amusement. I, on the other hand, threw my arm up in the air to signal victory and shouted, "I won!!". The crowd applauded and I wandered off to purchase a weedwacker - which I am quite proud of, I must say. It will be much easier than running about the edges of the yard with a pair of scissors... seeing as it is about 1/2 an acre. Why didn't I think of this before?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring... and a bunch of unrelated stuff

Well - here we are just about to welcome the warm weather around here. Although, yesterday there was the threat of snow... I'll just ignore it. Keep right on wearing my open toed shoes and pretending it doesn't hurt like hell. I can't wait to play with the kids in the yard with water balloons again! Especially since I am bigger; I always win! Muah hahahahaa.

Made a weekend visit to DC over the last couple of weeks - and the blossoms were out! So incredibly pretty. What a lovely place. Plus... 10 degrees warmer. Starbucks on every corner. I stood outside the FBI building trying to catch a glimpse of the agents being dispatched - looking all mysterious... all I saw was cute little old ladies carrying coffee. (Or maybe - they were just really good disguises?). I think I may have watched far too much TV.

98 days left until the wedding! I've been busy as a wee bee organizing the music list and getting all of the last minute-ish details mapped out. It's fun! So many of the things are coming together now - it's almost here and I couldn't be happier! So looking forward to it! But then... I think you guys know that by now ;-)

I had this really strange dream last night that these evil little faeries took blossoms and used their magic to turn the blossoms into nice little faeries - but the nice faeries were controlled by the evil faeries. The blossom faeries were so lovely and cute that people couldn't help but try to catch them - but when you did the evil faerie would make the blossom do mean things. I should have to pay admission to go to sleep sometimes.

Lastly - in another unrelated point - I promise that after the summer I will blog more frequently... I'm just really freakin tired right now! But happy tired - which is nice.

Happy thoughts to you all!