Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Defining Moments

I just figured something out; we define the most important things in our lives by focusing on them. Be there negative things from our past that we bring up (mentally or in talking to friends) or positive things from the present that we focus on - that's what goes a long way to tell people who you are. It's not that we should not share our experiences - but we should focus on how much importance they play on the now. You know, pay attention to it.

I choose to let all of the negative things and experiences in my past - just go away. They served their purpose in getting me to where I am - and I've never been happier in my life. I am thankful every single day for the exact moment I am in. I am truly happy now. So from now on I choose to live in the present and enjoy the gift it truly is.

Also, I choose to drink vodka tonic (with a wee lime) as I have evolved somewhat from pina coladas and fruity drinks. Not that I'm saying they aren't still good - it's just that I've expanded my repertoire. It's all part of the now....


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dust bunnies

I've become somewhat handy in the past several months:

1. Not only do I now know of the existence of filters - I know how many my house holds within its walls and how to change them. I actually even change them. Huzzah.

2. I can change lightbulbs but often choose not to. My vain attempt at defying the universe. Sadly, I have ended up with several bruises because of it. I may have to find another way to go about this.

3. I love how everywhere in the USA has cards - member cards - everywhere. I have to buy a new wallet to house them. I have gotten pretty good at remembering which ones I already have... well I'm trying anyways.

4. I fixed the toilet. Seriously.

5. I have only forgotten to take the garbage out once.

6. The garb-orator provides me with endless hours of fascination. I especially love garborating limes and hamsters (just kidding - checking to see if you were listening).

7. I'm going to make it afterall. (Thanks MTM *throws hat joyfully in the air*)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fa la la la l...l'over

the holidays over... partly sad and partly relieved I find myself sitting upon the couch with nowhere I need to be and no person I need to call... just sitting. *sigh*

Over the holidays I found myself held captive by several airlines in several different cities and decided that if a blind woman named Helen, who could not hear viewed life and - all of its experiences - as an adventure - well-that I should too. So I endeavored to just that very thing. I adventured to several places and stayed there despite not wanting to initially and I... well I met people; people who had been married 40 years and still liked each other more than anyone else on earth, a young woman who had never been up front - I taught her to get as many snacks as possible (-FREE - fill your bag babe!)and I told her to keep trying in school despite thinking it didn't make her feel cool (I never felt cool), and AND I learned that the human spirit is stronger and more lovely than ever. I also learned that no matter where you are - it really is who you are with that makes it worthwhile. I got to wave a fond farewell to the year I married my prince and welcome the new year in WITH my prince. I am truly lucky in every way you could imagine.

I braved the airport in Toronto on what has been deemed the worst day in a decade to do so. I saw stupidity (lots) but I also saw resilience. Oodles of it. That's what I take away. The spirit of it. That and the fact that all the crap made me think one thing... so many things to blog about ;-)

Happy 2010