Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why do holidays have to happen to good people too?

I am grumpy today. I was one of those disillusioned people who thought I could do the xmas shopping effectively and get it done early this year (I never learn). I am not done at all and don't know what to get my Dad or my Grandfather. (Any ideas?). I tried to go to the mall and wander around hoping I would be inspired - I'll know it when I see it - that idea. That just does not work 4 weeks before Christmas. People are becoming less and less cheerful the closer the big day gets. This will all go by the wayside once shopping is complete and family dinners and gift exchanges commence but in the meantime - people are just rude and mean around the holidays. I mean people actually speed up to cut you off and glare at you if you have an ioda of cheerfulness about you. Everybody sucks at Christmas. That inspires me - I am about to invent a song for the holidays...
(to the 'Jingle Bells' tune)
Dashing to the mall in my silver mini-van
down the aisles we go - try not to hit that man!
Ring tones on cell phones sing - making people jump,
What fun it is to see them all in their cheery Christmas slump.
Shopping Malls, Shopping Malls filled with grumpy folk.
Oh what fun it is to shop and walk through clouds of smoke (by the doors lol) Hey Shopping malls Shopping Malls filled with screaming kids
might make sense to try ebay outdoing others bids...
Ah well - maybe next year.
See yall tomorrow, Liz

Monday, November 28, 2005

Not so chili-licious...

Above - I am sharing my photo of a remarkable tree.
Alas, we are not the reining chili-champions. We came in a meager third place... maybe next year. (I use the "we" very loosely since in reality I wasn't a very good chili assistant - I never even tasted it.... boo.)

I braved the dreaded mall yesterday - sans babies. Very exciting. I started out merrily wandering along humming x-mas tunes and smiling at everyone I passed. Went into Gymboree (uh-oh) and Disney store (double uh-oh). There was a one day store wide sale - how do they so effectively alert the masses? EVERYONE was there. (Apparently kids like Disney... who knew). There was more stink eye being shot around this place than humanly bearable. And then the unthinkable happened... I became one of them - stink eye shooting and all. I had to beat off an old lady with a cane to snatch the very last incredibles pjs in my son's size. (I'm sure the cane was a sympathy tactic- and no I didn't beat her with the cane). This was truly a chaotic place- people wobbling around with stroller tracks across them beating each other with Beauty's portable teaparty set. Quite something to behold - and not completely devoid of fun...
Have a lovely Monday.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pretty Princess

I couldn't help myself.... I had to post this picture of Smooshkin. Cute eh?

Grunt - Coffee taste good

Hello jellyfishes,

I am currently recovering from too much wine by furiously gulping my coffee. This coffee was poured into my TIGGER mug in a vain attempt to feel bouncy and cheerful while I ponder tackling what appears to be a 1/8th scale recreation of the Himalean mountains in my laundry room. (I think my towels must be extra fluffy this week or something...)

We have entered the first official chili competition at our neighbor's house today. We started this chili concoction sometime yesterday morning and is still cooking it... apparently that has something to do with making it taste really good... ? I'm not sure people normally put into chili some of the things I think I saw in there but - add enough chili powder to anything and it will taste chili-licious. Hope we win the trophy - it's really funny. It is made out of things you would normally find in a kitchen (ie, measuring cup, silver bowl etc) and the end result looks something like... the graycup. Ahhhh, now I get it. (Better up the coffee dose...a bit slow on the uptake am I) - (and now I also sound like Yoda).

And now for my review of the new HARRY POTTER movie. Well I am officially the biggest geek I know.... I keep trying to attend Hogwarts but no one ever answers my application. Some people says it's because it doesn't exist in "real life". Cha shows what you know you dirty muggles.... I still wear my Griffindor colours and hope that the sorting hat agrees with my selection. For the time being though I try to keep up with my friends by seeing the movies as quickly as possible. This year I was lucky enough to go on opening day.... truly - a great movie. The best yet. Would love to see it again. (Also, this makes me feel weird just thinking it but - Daniel Radcliffe is turning into a bit of a hottie. I mean - he is still really young but - the beginnings of a very handsome young man are glimsed in this movie. I am sure that young girls everyone will swoon over him soon enough)

PLEASE GO SEE THIS MOVIE. (if you haven't seen the other movies rent them or - my dearest and closest friends are welcome to borrow my copies...)

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your Sunday and I'll be back tomorrow - if I don't come back... send the search party into the laundry room first.


Saturday, November 26, 2005


Ah - the quiet.
Friday November 25, 2005

My first official BLOG. (Don't worry i know its out of order... this comes third but it was really my first... long story...)
*sniff* Welcome all - sit back and enjoy my thoughts awhile...I have snuck away during naptime and should be doing many other things right now... but I am not.This - my friends - is an important day. One month to x-mas - yes...but also the day I found out that the dollar store sells disney wrapping paper. No small thing when one considers how often I will have to wrap birthday party and xmas presents for disney worshippers over the next several years. Oh yes... a big day.Daily news comments... the Dead Sea is dying. Hmmmm. Okay then. Not kidding people... it is drying up. This, however, is a dead topic. (Smack! Just got hit by a brick of cheese.... ho hum on I go...)Website for the day
Please advise me of any topics you wish to discuss in the future via blog. So we'll have cawfee, we'll tawk. Like butta. Liz

Ok I think I've got it

Well now that I know how to do this... you should find new posts here every day. Enjoy! Muaw.

A Red Neck St.NIck

Hello fellow bloggers - how goes it?
I have just returned from the Annual Caledonia Santa Claus Parade.
It was - at best - a unique attempt to ahhh the crowds.... (but lots of people brought their dogs so the kids were entertained nonetheless).
One image in particlar begs to be shared... that of the slovenly garbed pony leading man - unshaven with a classy cigarrette stuck to his lower lip and his pony pulling a somewhat dilapidated pony cart dragging along what I can only assume was his equally unshaven wife (?). Meanwhilst the pony slammed it's nose up the mans buttocks at regular 3 second intervals to move him along. All three cheerfully donned their respective Santa hats making it all that more festive to behold.
Not too far behind our little pony troop was the lawn tractor pulling a childs radio flyer wagon with a tent of bristol board advertising some obscure community group - I would tell you what it was but it was too small to read from the side of the road... but it did have some sparkly xmas themed decorations added to liven it up a bit.
Heading up the parade was the traditional fire truck - blasting all the little ones ears to bits with the sirens and horns - all children 3 and under simultaniously burst into a chorus of sobs to the tune of the children's highly trained trumpet band that I think may have been playing the theme from Jaws (?).
The grand finalle was Santa with his trusted elf alongside waving a merry xmasing the last three remaining Caledonians.
Can't wait till next year - won't you all come out and join us?