Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jumping the pond and crafting

My husband has to go to work in Europe and his company funds the wives to tag along... so I am off to destinations that are mysterious and unknown to me this Monday. I am uber giddy. Also, I got a puppy. He has the cuteness and he is possessed.

I am very excited that my Mommy is coming to visit/hang with ankle biters - and I have so much laundry and dusting to do that I have found myself confused and dusting the laundry. All of this fascinates you to no end, I'm sure of it. I also dusted the very screen I type to you on now. Impressed? No matter. I am.

I had a craft night with my girly friends last evening. This is such great fun. We craft... we consume wine and eat chili and a smattering of yummy treats and we giggle. We go home - we eat a package of gas x and sleep. Then the next day we try to make the craft look like it was not made by a drunk ... or we just say our little kid made it when people ask. If you don't have a little kid- you volunteer at a home for the aged and your pal Betsy who is 106 made it with her poor arthritis riddled hands. That serves two purposes; locks in your vote for sainthood and makes them now look upon your creation with a new found admiration. It's fun. You should do it. I was in a book club...but nobody read the books so we changed plans. Besides...Betsy is nearly blind and loses interest in books on tape...and I'm so not going to read to her - I have laundry ;-) which I should get back to....

Have a great weekend.