Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Seeazin

Last night we got jolly. We played a board game (You Know You're a Redneck If...) that had us almost weeing in our pants. I didn't win... I think that's a good thing. I did, however, get to use my new perfected redneck accent. I also learned that port is scrumptious - well... I learned it a while ago but refreshed my memory last night.

I find myself in British Columbia for these festive celebrations. I have to admit that I am quite joyful about being in Canada for the holidays. Not just here but with my loving Spartan, his family and the bestest of friends surrounding us at all times. I'm so excited I practically scream Merry Christmas at poor unsuspecting strangers that I pass throughout the day. Everything is making me sort of ridiculously happy these days. My cheeks are a bit sore from the smiling.

Now in an unrelated story; went to the hotel gym yesterday for a quick work out. There was a woman on the elliptical with hobbit type harry legs, wearing capri's in bare feet... and when she left she put on knee high rubber boots. Does this type of shit only happen around me? I felt like I was drunk only I hadn't been drinking...

Merry Christmas you guys. Stuff yourselves full of yummy goodness and hug your loved ones up tight.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Herrrro out derrrrrr

I'm baaaack. Back to bitch, whine and complain and laugh about random stuff. Sorry about the absence; life took over for a while.

So let's refresh; in the past 6 months I have, a) gotten married to the love of my existence, b) moved to an entirely different country and c) all manner of other stressful stuff.

I can't believe it's been almost half of a year since we got married! Time flies. And indeed we have been having fun. Our next little adventure takes us back up to Canadia for the holidays - huzzah. I'm getting my snow shoes all shiny. Then for some reason the fates find me heading to Detroit - of all places - to bring in the new year. I'll be with Spartan *double happy claps and a wee bit of jumping in cheerleader type fashion* Yeah. Tell me that's not something a self respecting 33 year old should be doing....

Regarding the move - there are a lot of angry people around here. I mean ANGRY. It's insane. This place is funny all of the time. Lots of the women are the super competitive "that's nice" sort - kind of southern stereotype. Pretend nice but they are really just nasty. Example:

"Miss Liz! How are you!"

"just fine! How you doing Miss Rachel?"

"Just fine! Cept I accidentally dropped a chef knife right into the top of my foot when I was making dinner... and it's still there! What did you do today?"

"That's nice! I just got back from my mani-pedi and kick boxing class despite the fact that I have two broken legs - and I ran all the way there and back. I also took my daughter - remember her? She's little Miss Alexandria - over to the school so she could receive her "Nicest Peachy Smile and Wave" Award. Then of course I volunteered at the local shelter and popped a Prime Rib in and made some fresh bread... while it was cooking I repainted the house. What did you make for dinner Miss Liz?"

"Um... I made frozen lasagna.... and I shaved my legs today."

See full size image
Anyways - I've given up on attempting to fit into their mould (mould - on purpose - mold - get it - he h
e he...). Not happening. I still clean my own toilet and look hot doing it (I got a cute apron and gloves with a ruffle - no shit - it's my way of making fun of them and looking good doing it)
The schools? That's a whole other blog. I might start one. Let me just say this - they fully expect their 5 year olds to graduate kindergarten being able to read Grapes of Wrath and then write their own novel. It's a bit crazy. I know in the long run it will serve the children well. But it's a little over the top to give a 7 year old an hour of homework every night.

**If they did a study - I would bet loads of money that the prescriptions for antianxiety medicines is higher in this area than anywhere on earth. Seriously.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm here and I can breathe... almost...

It's been quite the last couple of weeks. There are still several boxes here and there that need to be unpacked. Also a mountain of cardboard to be dealt with at some future date.

Moving is hard isn't it?

The kids swear that the Honey Nut Cheerios taste different. I'm inclined to believe them. Everything is familiar and slightly strange all at the same time here. I can only imagine what it must feel like for someone to move somewhere where everything is different. My heart goes out to them; even I struggle at times to understand some of the thicker accents here. Usually it is harder on the phone to understand but - at least it's the same language. I can't find Zoodles, but they do have Spagettio's - similar... but different. I think if I saw a Tim Horton's I might cry. Stupid, I know. I love it here - but I miss it there. The familiarity of it and the close proximity to friends. I know that time will make here feel more that way.

I suppose it doesn't help that Spartan is on the road. It's hard to settle into "our" new life when it's just me at the moment. Don't get me wrong; I know he has to (someone has to pay for the shoes!) but - I miss him. Like air. The feel of him beside me at night and the sound of his breathing. The smell of him. I keep sticking my face into his pillow and inhaling - at first I can smell him but then suddenly it fades - like I've inhaled the last bit of him that was there... only later on I can come back and do it allover again and I can detect that essence of him that lingers there - if only fleetingly. I didn't know...when you meet someone you love so much that every time they are gone from you it feels like a great big empty hole in your chest. It's what tells me unequivocally that I have never known love before and it is one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. It's like a drug or something..

I have also never experienced such a powerful blow of jealously when I stumble across pictures from his life before me. It's alien to me. I hate that either of us ever had a past - if only I had known! It's funny how I would do anything to go back to when I was 16 - when I met my first boyfriend and have met Spartan then. But then I'm sure I wouldn't be who I am now or appreciate him and what we have the way that I do. Sometimes it's just hard to reconcile. He was a very kind husband; he gave me free reign to shred as I see fit. I have a level of guilt about that though. It feels small and petty... but then again it also feels kind of good. Like therapy. Maybe that's what I need; therapy! Or maybe I just need to feel that allover calm that I do the second he comes into a room.

I have to go make Spagettio's now. ;-) and maybe sniff the pillow....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm ready for the end of the big events and settling into my life. My whole new - very lucky and very happy - life.

It makes me reflect; leaving here and packing up... finding old photos of old friends. Saying goodbye is more than a phone call, a coffee or a dinner with friends and family isn't it? It's knowing that some of the places you are going - and have been going for the past several years - might never be gone to again and some of the people might not be here when I get back.

So today, with a strange sort of clarity I "saw" and "heard" some of the places that I have been going all these years. It almost seemed like - in an odd way - for the first time. Like my brain was recording everything.

I have thusly committed myself to being a little more "present" and awake everywhere I go from here on out. Because I've always been a big fan of telling myself that the goal is ---- not to live in the past... or live only looking forward to the future but instead, to look forward to right now.

Pst. Spartan, Honey? Know what I'm looking forward to? THIS. I love you. Thank you for right now and every right now from here on out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Packing packing packing and SPIDERS

It never ends.

I have discovered several new species of arachnids. They exposed themselves to me in the damp dark fruit cellar portion of the basement that sits beneath my house.

They did so under duress; upon the detonation of a carrot juice bomb. I inadvertently touched the bottle and KABOOM resulting in shards of glass, a loud noise and whatever was once carrot juice - that now was vinegar like - copious amounts - oozing about the fruit cellar and making way for the drain.

This was followed by an explosion of large furry eight legged creatures running haphazardly about trying in desperation to avoid my shoe. While I tried to avoid getting any of them in my shoe - or on my person.

**This development seriously rerouted my previous "make believe" game that all of the spiders went to live outside - thus my ability to remain rational and actually enter the basement to pack.

Of course, vinegar attracts fruit flies. So - I was trapped in the fruit cellar being attacked by spiders and fruit flies trying to gulp air and clean up. I think I only inhaled one of the flies. I promptly put on a mask.

I HATE BUGS. Which is why I will never live in a house that is a century old again. That wasn't my smartest choice. Actually, I don't think I will live in anything over 15 years old.

Remind me not to let carrot juice ferment again. That was utterly stenchy.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Canadian in America

Hello blogland!

Sadly; shortly after being all wedded up to my hero we were banished back to both of our respective kingdoms on either side of the continent. Seems quite a cruel trick the universe at large is playing upon us. Back to several phone calls and text messages a day - where if I close my eyeeees hard enough I can almost pretend he is with me and we are just having a conversation. But then there are times at night where I wake up disoriented and go looking for him in the bed only to discover that I am - all alone. No closing of the eyeses helps the feeling I get in my tummy - like someone punched me.

But! The reason I am here and he is there is because we are packing up our respective kingdoms to prepare to move to our new home... in VA. *yay*

Luckily for us we have a smattering of friends there - so it is not as if we are without subjects. (I jest -- ha ha see what I did there?) - but it is an entirely different country.

Though I have lived a short drive from the US my entire life - I still find the future a little daunting.

I find myself asking important questions, such as: do they have Campbells soup in the US? Do they sell my brand of hair product AND - where will I get my Ketchup and Dill pickle chips from???? Will I like Wegmans and Pottery Barn - and will people still smile and say hello when passing on the street? Will I be allowed to sit on the perverbial fence on big political issues as Canadians are apt to do? Will all of the neighbours think I own snow shoes, speak Canadian and have intimate knowlege of building igloos? Will I be prone to tears when at sporting events and hear the Canadian anthem? Will I forget where I came from? Or how to get home for a visit? Driving back to visit - whole other terrifying prospect. I'll have to look into getting a GPS that speaks Canadian *wink*.

It appears the train to adult hood has picked up speed... *sigh* Guess I'd better buckle in.

So... back to the onerous task of donating items no longer in use, throwing out broken things and preparing for the final phase of my whole new life and missing my darling husband. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate in 33 years... and how much of it seemed to be important but now seems nothing more than excess baggage.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Spartan!

Photos courtesy of my fabulous photographer, Michael Wachniak. He rocks. Truly.

Greetings blogland! I'm finally Mrs. Spartan! It was a whirlwind - an absolute fairytale. I'm back home now - busily packing up all of my worldy belongings and getting ready to move in 5 short weeks.

I couldn't be happier. The wedding was wonderful! The food, the friends, the everything! All of my friends were so wonderful. Couldn't have done it without them. They very kindly administered the wine at regular intervals.

I will post more pictures when I can. In the meantime - hope you are all well and we are nearly to a point when life will slow down enough for me to join back into the blogging world.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

I leave in 12 days!

Okay people. I've been pretty distracted lately. (As Badger noted in the last post ;-))

A few things have happened;

We bought a house. It has a force field.

We are moving to Virginia, in the U.S. of A. I hear there is less snow there... they also have wild ponies and a wonderous place called Wegmans.

I am getting married in a couple of weeks and I am super excited!!

So - the posts may be sparse for a tad longer but I promise once I'm settled I will be back to annoy you with every last detail of my life.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

35 days and counting

I love that post card! (http://www.postsecret.com/)

I am still here... just insanely preoccupied at the present. 35 days to go and the dress actually zips up. Off to a fantastic start. I am so excited!!! Can't wait to be Mrs. Spartan!!!! I'm such a lucky girl. He is the most wonderful man on earth.

35 days till I do and 25 days till I leave en route to the destination! Have I mentioned I'm excited?!

Hope all is well with everyone and I'll be back soon....

Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay people - 2 months left. Less than until I fly to the location of the actual wedding. Hurray.

Rings are ordered. Excitement is growing.

I let Babs style my hair this morning. It was an experience. She told me she was practising to do it for me on the wedding day. *silent scream*

Speaking of silent screams; WTF? Happy Mother's Day... So many levels of icky.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lawn Mower Fun

So the other day I accompanied my parents to purchase a lawn mower... this would normally be a somewhat onerous task... but not with me involved;

We arrive in the lawn mower section where upon my Mother and I spy riding lawn mowers. What could be more fun than that? Exactly. We decide to have a self propelled riding lawn mower race. This is accomplished by one saddling up and rocking the lawn mower back and forth in neutral until you build up enough momentum to move it in the desired direction.

So we choose our steeds wisely and the race commences. Picture it. My mother with her Nanny hair do and I - perched atop riding lawn mowers actively trying to beat each other in the race.

We got quite into our fun and failed to notice the appearance of would be spectators... until one of them started cheering. At that point my Mother turned quite red in the face and dismounted. She then scuttled away to hide behind my father who was regarding the entire event with great amusement. I, on the other hand, threw my arm up in the air to signal victory and shouted, "I won!!". The crowd applauded and I wandered off to purchase a weedwacker - which I am quite proud of, I must say. It will be much easier than running about the edges of the yard with a pair of scissors... seeing as it is about 1/2 an acre. Why didn't I think of this before?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring... and a bunch of unrelated stuff

Well - here we are just about to welcome the warm weather around here. Although, yesterday there was the threat of snow... I'll just ignore it. Keep right on wearing my open toed shoes and pretending it doesn't hurt like hell. I can't wait to play with the kids in the yard with water balloons again! Especially since I am bigger; I always win! Muah hahahahaa.

Made a weekend visit to DC over the last couple of weeks - and the blossoms were out! So incredibly pretty. What a lovely place. Plus... 10 degrees warmer. Starbucks on every corner. I stood outside the FBI building trying to catch a glimpse of the agents being dispatched - looking all mysterious... all I saw was cute little old ladies carrying coffee. (Or maybe - they were just really good disguises?). I think I may have watched far too much TV.

98 days left until the wedding! I've been busy as a wee bee organizing the music list and getting all of the last minute-ish details mapped out. It's fun! So many of the things are coming together now - it's almost here and I couldn't be happier! So looking forward to it! But then... I think you guys know that by now ;-)

I had this really strange dream last night that these evil little faeries took blossoms and used their magic to turn the blossoms into nice little faeries - but the nice faeries were controlled by the evil faeries. The blossom faeries were so lovely and cute that people couldn't help but try to catch them - but when you did the evil faerie would make the blossom do mean things. I should have to pay admission to go to sleep sometimes.

Lastly - in another unrelated point - I promise that after the summer I will blog more frequently... I'm just really freakin tired right now! But happy tired - which is nice.

Happy thoughts to you all!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Girl Power

A post about Barbies, Bratz, Miss America, my little ponies and heels... you boys'll love it!

Barbies are dolls. They are to be played with. Nobody has ever figured out what a Bratz doll would look like in life size with the same proportions - ...or maybe they have... - my guess is that it would have a rather difficult time supporting its ginormous head.

I recently read an article somewhere tearing apart Mattel for selling barbies. The article took the stance that Barbies are responsible for setting unrealistic expectations on our bodies growing up. I don't know about you ladies - but Barbie? Nooo. That's more the ex-husband dept of Toys r Us. Barbie - ahhh Barbie. She was great for having imaginary weddings (with Ken - the looooove of her life - sigh - who always told her she was beautiful... just like Spartan does), making her hair into ratty yet original styles, re-enacting an argument with your BFF (just last year***) coloring allover with marker and for bossing about in general - I also noticed that they are very aerodynamic when launched at my older brother feet first. Girls have launched them at their older brother's for more than half a decade. Why would they stop now?

Stop blaming a plastic toy. I get that Hollywood places unrealistic expectations that women sometimes feel pressure to emulate. Miss America? Same thing. But as long as the world is turning - they will have plastic dolls with long legs, teeeensy waists and big boobs AND they will have some kind of pageant awarding women for something that they had very little to do with - genetics and hair spray. Don't get me wrong; some of these ladies are very committed to healthy living and to working out - and god knows I get how hard that can be since I work my ass off - some have even demonstrated some impressive levels of academia... but mostly people - they are there because they have mastered the most important skills of all; teasing their hair, putting just the right amount of Vaseline on their teeth and knowing which heels will really set that bikini off... (who actually wears heels with their bikini? I might start. Hell - I might even swim in them... maybe even jogging.). I still watch the shite. I still play with buy Barbies (for my daughter...) Can't help it. And really - it's kind of the fault of the mass populous that this still goes on - we're just a bunch of critical enablers.

My point is - I think blaming Mattel for poor body image makes about as much sense as blaming a toy company because you couldn't find a real pink pony with wings. Unless someone actually has... in that case - I want one too...

*** who out there hasn't made your Barbies beat the crap out of each other? Come on! You pick em up and they start beating on each other - with mostly their heads until they are basically a great pile of messy hair and limbs that are attached at rather unnatural angles by the time your mom calls you for dinner. Sometimes their heads even pop right off and roll under the bed - seemingly lost forever. Until one day you move and you find it under the bed and there is a spider living inside it and then you are traumatized - and then you have to check inside the heads of all barbies everywhere to ensure they too haven't become an arachnid haven... I got a little side tracked there. Have a lovely Friday ;0)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Highway of Heroes

My brother, the ever eloquent, thoughtful and engaging soldier who wanted a fallen comrad to be honoured in memory when the papers were slaughtering his reputation. He spoke up and wrote to a newspaper (The Globe and Mail) and his comments were published in an article. That was the first time I heard him voice his opinion on Canada's perception of our involvement in the middle east.

The Canadian Military has lost 111 lives in Afghanistan. There will be more. Generally, the media picks up on the stories as they happen and tell about the lives of the soldiers lost and of their families trying to put back the pieces of their shattered lives. But Canada as a whole doesn’t know why our troops our are there. People are left feeling as though these losses of life were for naught. That does not do the memory of these fallen heroes justice. We must honour their memories by understanding why they were there and feeling pride and respect when we think of it.

If we stood back and idly watched what happened there, we would read about it in history much like we do the holocaust and question in anger why we didn’t help. But now, instead, people who hear someone on a political podium make a comment about how these deaths are senseless and that it isn’t our war – walk around repeating it like robots without knowing the whole story.

We are there because the people of Afghanistan have suffered indescribably and because we can help them change that. Because our troops can disarm land mines, build schools and help to hunt down and neutralize al-Qaeda members in that country, as well as toppling the Taliban regime, which has claimed to be supporting international terrorism.They can help the people there rebuild. They can help to give hope to people who have lived in fear and tried to carve out a life in a desolate place. In order that their children can laugh, and more mothers there can watch their children grow up. They are helping to exact a change that has been needed for a very long time. How can anyone think this is without merit?

Canadians generally group Iraq and Afghanistan into the same group and many protest against our inclusion in this war. They are two vastly different situations and though I too want my brother safe at home; I know that Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan is necessary. I believe in him and I believe in his mission. I am overwhelmingly proud of him.

I am outraged at Canada’s lack of education with respect to our involvement in Afghanistan. I believe that the responsibility should fall to the media and our government to convey the facts and inform our country. At least if we make the information available, there is the hope that each person who dares to speak their opinion takes the time to education themselves first. We owe it to our soldiers to understand why they are there and to be damn proud of them for it.

Soldiers have had to send home friends; Mother’s have had to accept the loss of their children; Wives have had to accept the fact that they will never have a chance to look their husband in the eye and tell them they love them; children will have to grow up seeing loved ones in a picture frame instead of having them there. The list goes on ad infinitum.

The least we could do is surround these families with the feeling that we know, we took the time to understand why their father, mother, brother or friend gave their life and that we salute them.

I know this isn't my usual style of writing - especially not here... but sometimes there is no funny. I can't make light of every situation. I just needed to get these thoughts out there. Thank you for making an exception to the norm and for considering what I have expressed...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthday card from Roo...

Roo to Mom

I love you Mommy
I don't no wut to doo with ewt you at all
Happy Brthday Mommy

To Mom
Frum Roo

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oh shit there goes another year...

The years just pick up speed, don't they? Of course this post is a shameless attempt at soliciting happy birthday wishes - but - it is also here to serve as a look back over the last year and a look at what 33 will bring...

The year of 32:

1. Proposed to by the man of my dreams. This alone would have made the year worthwhile - but wait... there is more...

2. Seeing oodles of my BFF Carrie out west.

3. Being a godparent to Carries' newest addition - with Spartan.

4. Curacao. With Spartan. Lizards, birds, eels, laughter and pina coladas. Yay!

5. Getting my body back from having babies! Huzzah!

6. Having healthy family and friends. Double huzzah!

The year ahead:

1. Duh. No brainer what will slide into first place here. Marriage to a most marvelous, loving, kind, supportive, handsome, sexy, and breathtaking man. Of course all of the things that go with it... such as more kisses and hugs from him!

2. Seeing more of my BFF this summer for the festivities.

3. Lots of wonderful friends having babies... including my brother and sister in law!

4. A happy me!

Okay. Gotta go slap on some wrinkle cream and hang upside down for a while.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free shit and funny stuff.

Caffine... go here for a chance to win a free book! (And stock up on caffine.)

I am so tired this morning... my eysees are having trouble staying open. Mornings are not my favorite place.

Funny kid quotes;

Roo is standing in the kitchen and sees my dad using a spatula, he turns to my father and says; "Papa, could you make me some crabby patties?" (He was dead serious).

Babs (there are two this week...)

1. She walks into her room where construction of her new built in bed is taking place, she slaps her hands to her hips and says; "Is this going to be done soon? Cuz... right now it just looks like a bunch of crap!" (how do you not laugh? she is 4).

2. She is misbehaving and I explain that people will begin to look at her when she does like she looks at Angelica. She gets this look of terror on her face and says; "Oh. That would be...horibibble." (again...how do you not laugh?).

Kids are great.

Monday, February 23, 2009

139 days...

Wow. 139 days till the wedding. In a lifetime that is a blink. So little time left to hit the gym...

I mailed my invitations today. Quite sure the lady at the post office thinks I was mental. I was smiling from ear to ear and tears were welling up in my eyes!!

I am so excited!

Other than that - there is not too much happening over here in lizland. Just waiting for spring and cursing the cold. It's almost March... when does the snow stop?!

Did I mention that I mailed out the wedding invitations today?! Weeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I has a sad... and the whipping cream did something unexpected...

Just spent a fabulous 3 days with the love of my life and now he is gone again. The world needs him. I hate sharing.

While we were away overnight we brought with us a can of whipping cream. Chocolate flavoured. We thought it would be a delectable addition to our morning coffee... anyhoo... it 'sploded.

We heard this hissing sound. We had just come back from breakfast. We looked at each other *perplexed*. I followed the sound to the can atop the fireplace.


Uh. Oh. I grab the can and make for the bathroom. As I arrive in the bathroom the can begins ejecting air and chocolaty whipped cream with increasing ferocity.


All over the bathroom. I lunge for the garbage can - throw the whipped cream into a bag - throw the bag into the garbage - put a towel on top and placed it into the tub. Then hit the deck expecting an explosion of epic and chocolaty proportions. Then we quickly checked out.

Oh dear.

Wonder what the maid will think of that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

Monster child...

There is a kid in my daughter's class that is the SPAWN of the DEVIL. The first day of school, she introduced herself to the other kids by bringing a hammer and attacking them. They, of course, removed her from the class. (Imagine getting expelled from Junior Kindergarten?)

I have history with this kid; she was on Bab's soccer team this past summer. All the parents stared at this kid in awe... and at her mother. I've never seen anything like it. If nothing else - it made for entertainment. Felt sorry for the kids that she punched though... they were only 3 years old.The kid is possessed.

Anyways, the monster child returned to class and upon reading the list of valentine names it dawned on me... the kids name is ANGELICA. Angelica. No shit. Irony there.

P.S. Bad idea: Shrimp pizza... there was a flyer for it in the mail. I almost puked.

Glad it's Friday. I needed Friday.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wow... Life is Busy!

Hello there bloggers!

The last couple of months has been a whirlwind of busy stuff. Last weekend, Spartan took myself -along with my little carnies- to DC. So much fun! Went to the Museum of Natural History. I could spend months going to museums to just hang out. What a cool place. Very educational. How very cool of Spartan - he survived 3 days in one room with the bunch of us - not a small thing considering he is used to being solo.

The city was just in the process of putting in place the final preparations for the Presidential Inauguration. The streets had all of the stands up and they were actually starting to block off the streets... and then there was the OCEAN of port-o-potties. So wish I'd taken a picture of it. I'm quite sure they must have brought them in from all of the surrounding states. Quite a funny sight.

I am very much looking forward to winter being over. As a little side project we have been fattening up the local squirrels by giving them daily helpings of peanut buttered rolls. There is a small army of them now. Each of them approximately the size of a mommy raccoon. They are grey with white tummies and white tufts of hair that pop out above their ears. Cute as can be. Babs keeps trying to catch one. She likely will one of these days. They are getting slower by the minute. I'm hoping she catches one actually - they would make fantastic slippers. (I jest.)

In another note - people keep listening in on the fax line at work - and the line identifies it as a voice call so the line rings. I picked it up today and made ridiculous fax sounds into it. My boss is probably still laughing.

I've got no little people at the moment and have already been to the gym today so I am going to gladly take this opportunity to crash on the couch - catch my breath and vegetate whilst watching the idiot box (as my mother calls it). Speaking of TV - Grey's was quite the tear jerker last night... must be trying to up their ratings... it's getting really good these days.

Hope you are all well. I blog to you all very often in my head - I just don't make it to the keyboard as often as I'd like.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Less than 6 months....

Till wedded bliss. Until I marry the most marvelous man to have ever walked the face of planet earth. Happy? Moi? Indeed. Overjoyed would be the correct term.

Spartan and I were in Toronto over the weekend. We had time to wander about the shopping concourse and do some people watching. I love watching people. I love being with Spartan... so people watching with Spartan? Superfun. We did some shopping too. Also fun... though I suspect watching paint dry with this man would be enjoyable...

I've been laughing a lot lately. It struck me at some point that I really love laughing. You know that feeling in your tummy? Kind of like when you go over a hill really fast. Same thing. Just thought I'd mention.

Speaking of laughing... Tina Fey is stealing from my life and making money out of it. Remember that story of the dwarf in the airport that I thought was a child wandering around without a parent and I attempted to rescue her? (for those of you who don't recall... welcome to one of my most embarrassing moments...it was BAD). Anyhoo - on her new show 30 rock the character is baby obsessed and she touched this little mans head thinking it was a child and... well you get the idea. Only then she pretended it was because she thought he was hot and she went on a date with him. Which I didn't do... but similarish. I didn't come up with any cover at all to dig myself out of my situation... I just stood there stammering.

My parents thought it was funny as hell when they told me they watched a woman just like me on tv. Well... at least they still watch cool shit.

Got me thinking that if we combined stories we could all come up with one hell of a hit tv show.

Off to bed. I is sleeeeepy.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A few pitures...

Santa came to visit!

I bowl better this way.... seriously.

Not entirely sure what we were looking at but...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello blogland! Happy 2009! I hope you all rang in the new year surrounded by friends and loved ones - and perhaps a couple of cocktails! I was lucky enough to have my new year with my Western family; Spartan and Carrie & hubby and some wonderful friends. It was so much fun. We played Wii and Rockband (some of us in ballgowns... some in golf knickers). We laughed and cringed. It was an absolute blast. Pictures will follow shortly as soon as I've a chance to upload them.

I love saying goodbye to an old year and ushering in a new one! This year in particular since I have this summer to look forward to... becoming Mrs. Spartan. Very exciting.

I took the wee ones bowling tonight. They annihilated me. Legitimately. Sigh. I guess I won't make my millions in competitive bowling. One more dream gone *sniff*. I like bowling though. Tis fun.

So... welcome to a new year. Hope it is a great one for everyone. Sadly, I have no resolutions to share... but if you do bring em on.