Friday, October 24, 2008

Suffering post workout leg soreness... but Friday is here. I like Friday.

Decided to do the leg work out to end all leg work outs yesterday which is making me walk as though I am about 50 years older than I actually am. It's funny - as long as you aren't me. Luckily today is my day off. Tomorrow, however, is going to be the return - and I will probably feel worse tomorrow. Oh well. Maybe I will miraculously heal between now and then. Likely not though.

I thought that the scale at Spartan's gym was a liar - however - it seems they are all sticking together. Some kind of massive scale (see what I did there? massive scale has more than one meaning... oh ho ho ain't i clevah?) "let's stick together" on this type thing. So - clearly they are all liars. Just thought I'd share. Though things are looking up. I'd really like to lose a couple of pounds before the wedding - though it doesn't seem like a lot - it's harder to do when you really only have a couple of pounds left that you can lose... since your body really wants to keep them just in case. So I came up with a back up plan; I have purchased a most delightful corset with which I can widdle my body down a further 2 inches without losing any poundage. This is great really... but it seems that I can't bend, eat or breathe whilst wearing it. Perhaps if I pass out we can change it to a theme wedding (Sleeping Beauty). Then someone can unlace it and revive me in time for the vows...

I have not managed to figure out what gift to present my prince with for the holidays - though I've come up with a few small things. I have, however, come up with an excellent idea for a gift to give him on the wedding day! Don't worry - I'll share.... in 261 days. (What - it gives you people something to look forward to.) I can't tell you here - Spartan will read it.

So glad that Friday got here... I like Friday. Tis a happy day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I braved the toy store on a Saturday

I don't recommend you do it. Unless you must, of course. I thought I should get a little jump on my extensive Christmas shopping list. Every little monster in Monsterville (just down the road from Whoville I understand) was there. If I was Santa... well let's just say that there would be some additions to the "naughty list". Like - 500 or so. You would think that being a mom myself that I would somehow be more understanding of such behavior but I think, in fact, it makes me somewhat worse. Lucky for me, my little monsters were perfect angels. Luck of the draw perhaps - or maybe the promise of going out for lunch if they behaved... regardless - they were so good. If they had misbehaved the stink eye I was generously passing out would have seemed somewhat hypocritical...

Now... back to the fact that I am finding myself Christmas shopping already... *shiver*. The shiver is both - uh oh Christmas as well as uh oh - snow. I have visions of brushing off the car and freezing my toosh off for 5 months. I hate winter. Positively loathsome. No redeeming qualities whatsoever in my books... well... maybe Christmas. But - I'd like it better if it fell in July. Really I would. I'd like it even more if Spartan and I were together... well - now there IS something to look forward to isn't it? Next year. All I will want for Christmas is to wake up with his wonderful heart beating beside mine. That would be just about the greatest gift I could receive. Ever.

So... wedding plans are coming along and I have managed thus far to only purchase two dresses. Kudos to me. It may seem excessive to some - but for me - well let's just say I think I've done very well. (There are a LOT of nice dresses out there people - and I simply must look the part on that day in particular... so I may end up changing several times throughout the actual day ---- one dress for the aisle, one for the pictures, dinner, the cake, dancing... etc. But the plan is somewhere in there I will get it right. LOL. Actually - I'll likely stick to just the two... I think.) The shoes, however, well that IS another thing entirely. I have only purchased one pair - which go with the first dress... but then there is the second one to consider. 266 shopping days left. I'm sure it will all work out.

Now I am off to change into some very warm and fuzzyfied pj's and plan on spending the rest of the evening tucked up under an equally warm and fuzzy blanket eating popcorn and perhaps watch some romantic movie... and daydream about my darling prince. *yay*

P.S. What DO you get a prince for Christmas anyhoo?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I found some stuff from when I was little....and a funny story about babies.

My mom kept all of these little school and camp related badges for me. When it came to track and field day - I ALWAYS came in second. I have a vast collection of blue ribbons. Had to laugh at that. Also... I had lots of little academic badges... don't know for what. All together, I envision myself as somewhat of a wee geek in my growing days... but then seemed to make up for that somewhat with all of my water sports achievements.

Totally unrelated but - funny story; one of my friends (we shall call her Jessica) is pregnant and was telling another one of my friends (who we shall call KAT) that her sister couldn't wait to smell the baby. This prompted KAT to tell her that babies come out smelling of... well... va jay jay. (No subject is untouched here people). LMAO. Furthermore, that they continue to smell that way for months. I can't stop laughing. Seriously. Poor Jessica.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pyramids, road trips and such

I am back. The wine weekend was a smashing success. Luckily for us ladies we travelled very well together and the laughter was nonstop. There were Chinese fire drills, secret handshakes and plenty clothes sharing and hair products. In other words; we were total chicks. We basically hit every winery in the okanagen valley. Never done it before but would love to do it again... maybe next year.

One of the wineries we hit and toured was called Summerhill. These people run a winery with a cult like atmosphere. They believe that aging the wine in the pyramid does something funky to it - something to do with negative ions etc. (Cough*hack*bull*cough*shit) It was also suggested that any emotion you enter the pyramid with would be exemplified... so I imagine I exited the pyramid a bit more of a cynic and with a serious case of the sillies. I was hoping the next stop might be the Church of Scientology. I wanted to walk in there wearing the tinfoil hat and do the alien test - but when I had my hands on the metal hand thingies I was going to start shrieking like a maniac. That might be a fun way to spend the afternoon, yes?

Time after the weekend was spent with Spartan and was fleeting. As it always does, the clock seems to go so fast. Now I am home. Thanksgiving is looming. (Remember Canadians do it earlier than our friends below the 49th parallel) Looking forward to turkey. Then - to ease the pain of missing Spartan - I am lucky enough to actually get to see him on Sunday. So, as always - there is a reason to smile!

Have a great weekend you guys - off to read about your adventures...and practice dance moves for the wedding...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Here I go again...

...tomorrow morning I will be hopping back onto a plane and going to my other home. I will be arriving around lunch time and meeting up with friends and then home - sadly Spartan is on the road - but at least I get to snuggle into his comfy bed and pretend he is there...and then.... then...I will be away with a gaggle of girls for a weekend of wine and fun. Then home again to my darling boy. Looking forward to all of the previously mentioned things - really looking forward them.

Ever miss someone so much you feel like you can quite breathe? I do. I keep trying but the air just won't seem to quite go in. Kind of feels like there is a great big weight upon my chest... I keep telling myself it's not forever... but sometimes when you have a mountain ahead of you it's best not to look to the top but rather put one put in front of the other and glance behind you every so often to see how far you've come. That and have the occasional wine weekend or 90's dance off to keep you laughing.

Off to make sure I've packed enough shoes and to wax my eyebrows.

Have a great weekend!!!