Sunday, January 22, 2012

I fucking hate winter. I hate winter and I hate women that hit on my husband. I hate them almost the same amount.

This chick went up to my husband to hit on him so he politely responded that he was married and that I would be joining him shortly, and she said "If you cheat on your wife tonight, I hope it's with me."

Are you serious. Okay hooker. Put your dukes up and prepare to see how it feels to be a human mop. And don't think I'm past urinating on you either... that's what mops are for bitch. As you are about to learn...

Classy. I know. Wonder why my hubby wouldn't point her out?

It is so freaking cold outside that I have declared a state of arrest and am ordering in all of my meals to avoid having to go outside to reach the grocery store. I miss summer.