Friday, June 03, 2011

My lovely hubby is coming home to save me...


The Bachelorette - are you kidding me? This reminds me of all of the horrible dates before I met my hero *Spartan* swoon. Still doing that (not the horrible dates the swooning)- probably more so now than before since I love him more everyday. (vomit in your mouth yet?) He has been away for work a lot lately so I have been in charge of cleaning up basement floods, the removal of ticks (niiiice), letting the children out of their cages and repairing general household things. Hubby is coming back to save me. I am very happy about that. I'm at the end of my imaginary rope... and nearly out of wine.

I went for a fish pedicure last week. Fish tortured me with their toothless little mouths by biting at my feet for 20 minutes. Before you wonder - yes - I paid for this experience...and I'm not entirely sure why. It was kind of horrible when your little and someone tickles your feet to the point where it just hurts. I saw Diane Sawyer do it so I figured, what the hell. Then I sat there for 20 minutes thinking... what the hell?!

Okay I have to go feed the carnies.