Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am a horrible girlfriend. I gave Spartan a cold. I feel terrible. Well... come to think of it - I think he feels worse. I am filling him up with Neo Citron and hoping that tomorrow he miraculously feels better so that I can drag him out and about town.

Remember how a while back I said I was sick of winter? Another snow storm yesterday - not one of prolific proportions or anything... but snow none the less. It's almost March dag nabbit. I need to lay in the sun and soak up some vitamins soon or I will shrivel up and die. I wish spring would hurry the hell up. I'm losing my patience. Must have something to do with my ever increasing age...

Now to add insult to injury - I am getting lots of grey hair. Since my hair is pretty dark it shows up. What am I going to do?? I could dye it but then it changes the rest of my hair too - which I like. Plus then you have to keep coloring it. Sigh. I feel old. I lost a decade there somewhere.

I think I'm done bitching for now... if I think of anything new I'll let you guys know. ;-)

Monday, February 25, 2008

This is my own take on Kat's recent blog... kat wants into google... instead I googled "Liz wants". Since my birthday is coming pay close

1. Liz wants to turn Taj Mahal pink!
2.Liz wants to have more options for cookies, like the one now being invented: the chocolate-dipped Mocha Macadamia.
3.Liz wants to turn sixteen.
4.Here Liz will age backward from the day of her death until she becomes a baby again and returns to Earth. (Now this - this would be good...)
5.Liz wants to go stargazing down at the beach
6. Liz wants mashed potatos.
7. Liz wants nothing to do with the randy Lothario.
8. When I think of liz, I think of ______. I want liz to ______ me. ... ♥In The Future Liz Will_____. ♥Liz______Me. ♥Liz Wants To______ With Me. ... (I'm confused but okay...)
9.Liz wants is a guy to be real to her... and she could probably use a towel too. (Yikes)
10.Liz wants all the ladies to wear hot pink saris and all the men to wear turbans and long orange tunics. (Doesn't everyone?)
11.Liz needs gold receipts to pay the carpenters.
13.Liz wants and reveals that she owns a small ferret farm 60 miles north of New York City. (The things I don't tell you people.)
14.Liz wants pigs, cows and sheep as wedding gifts? (And now you know.)
15. Liz wants McDonalds.

Le sigh.

Just got back from a wonderful Spartan filled weekend. Walking arm in arm with him sincerely feels like walking around in a dream. I'm a lucky gal...

Funny little story - we were packing up and Spartan accidentally brushed my shoulder so I pretended to be mortally wounded. He of course kissed it better (that was my ploy). I told him I was just kidding - that it didn't hurt and then promptly bent over to pick up my hairbrush and slammed my forehead into the vanity. Hard.

I also accidentally tripped the waiter at breakfast en route to the buffet. I think Spartan hangs out with me for comic relief.

Yep. I'm a cool chick.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those who have a propensity to fear germs should not read articles that detail the numerous germs and mites that surround us on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that I am as close to being a germophobe as possible without actually being one– I read the article. My eyes thirstily drinking in all of the facts that eventually led to my current state of paranoia.

When I went to the gym today - I washed my hands 4 times. Then went to the grocery store and used the check out girls hand sanitizer. Then I came home and washed them again. I still don’t feel clean but my hands are red and swollen from scrubbing.

I feel like I am covered in dirty people germs. And they are making me mental. I can hear them taunting me.

I get why some people do not like – some even can’t – shake hands with other people, seeing how only 65% of people wash their hands after they go potty. Fecal matter. Now that is really really disturbing. The article went on to explain how there is fecal matter in all washing machines. Can you hear me screaming?

From now on – I only wear white. Thoroughly bleached white clothing. And I will boil myself daily.

Then – the last bit – about airplane washrooms. WHY DID I READ THAT? I fly quite a bit – not as much as some but more than most. God forbid I ever have to pee on a plane again. **shivers**

Glad to spread the love...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm not surfing youtube anymore

First let me put the plea for pity out - I feel unwell. Everyone please get to work on handmade crafty cards to send me. (I'm so not joking - points will be awarded for sparkles).

There are several things I need to be doing right now but I can barely muster the energy to make a cup of tea at the moment. Sadly it appears that my ability to sit here feeling sorry for myself will be impeded oh so slightly in a couple of hours - as I will be watching the babbies of the kitty kat. Plus mine - equals a full on litter. But - oh how I love baby giggles. It's the one thing I miss about babies... that and their chubby little legs... and how they smell. Kids just smell like mud and playdough. Babies smell delicious.

The one verra nice thing about having an army of kiddies around me; time will fly by. This is good since, I need Friday to hurry up ;-)

Now get to work on the cards people. Show you love me already.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Every year around this time I start to get desperate for the winter to end. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I am sick of snow storms and ice. Sick of shovelling and dusting off the car. I hate it when my fingers get so cold they feel frozen. I am done with winter. The snowmen I've been building lately are looking more and more evil ...which is a sure sign. I'm also getting lazy with the entire getting dressed for winter thing and have started leaving the house wearing only a spring ensemble - like it will make it happen faster; as though I am soley responsible for calling the spring back this year by sheer force of will. I am also going to stop eating oatmeal soon since that is clearly a winter breakfast food...

I love the spring. I love the smell of spring, the sound of it and the feel of it on my face. I love watching everything wake up from it's winter sleep, the leaves, the flowers, the birds returning. It fills me up with happy. I love that it will be here in another 6 weeks or so... and I love that it is beginning to feel close enough that I can start to look forward to it's arrival. It's almost time to make mud pies again!

I don't know about you guys but I love the looking forward to part of life so very much. Looking forward to the next time I will feel Spartan's arms encircle my waist and I will breathe him in. Just the thought of it makes me smile. Looking forward to all of the little adventures that make life flow. Looking forward to spending time with friends and the laughter that goes along with it. Looking forward to surprises and the plotting...I don't think that we give enough credit to the "looking forward to" of it all. When you start to enjoy that part of life and acknowledge it- it becomes part of the now. So right now - I am going about the business of seriously looking forward to a great many things.

I am really truly happy... and I'm looking forward to tomorrow ;-) and the day after that and - in particular next Friday... and then all the days that follow. And somewhere along the way the spring will pop up and become part of it all.... which is great because my crocs are proving to be very un -snow worthy...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Meme's are Taking Over

Tagged again by the lovely Diva... evidently you guys just can't get enough useless information about me!!

7 random or weird things about the yourself
The rules are as follows:# Link to the person who tagged you
# Post the rules on your blog.
# Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
# Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
# Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged.

Sigh. This is hard work...

1. I may have mentioned this one before but - if I submerse my head under water I can blow air bubbles out of my eye. Yeah. I win for stupid human tricks with that one. (Sorry Spartan - I think this may be the one thing you didn't know - or perhaps didn't want to know about me)

2. I am always cold. Always.

3. I used to paint. And draw. I was even kind of good at it.

4. I used to make sandwiches with white wonder bread and dill pickle chips. In highschool. And I loved them.

5. People around me have a misconception that I'm verra clever. I tend to think not but never really admit it. Ooops. I think I just did, lol.

6. I owned all of the Disney movies before I had kids.

7. I only just started believing in happy endings ;-)

Now for tags... this time let's try some new ones....
Spartan (since he doesn't have a blog he will have to email this to me...)
Joe the Troll.
Hullaballoo (you'll have to come up with more)

Monday, February 11, 2008

My long lost sister Hullaballoo has tagged me for another meme. Since this blog is all about whatever I want it to be... for the present it will be entirely about me. Because I can. So off I go to fill you with oodles of random information about *me* so you can file it away for future use (or not)....

Here are six random and unimportant things about me for your reading pleasure...

1. I have an intense dislike repetitive noises of all kinds. It makes me kind of snap. Be it a newspaper crinkling, someone tapping their foot or someone clearing their throat - GRRRRRRRRR.

2. When I am eating eggs (liquid chickens) or mac and cheese - I have to try really hard not to gag. I have no idea why. (Well actually, the mac and cheese one I kind of get... I had this really bad nose bleed once when I was a kid - you guessed it - right after mum slapped a bit bowl of mac and cheese in front of me. I used to get these HORRIBLE nose bleeds when I was younger - all the time. Anyways, I think somehow it scarred me and I associate it with mac and cheese on a subconscious level.... but the eggs? Dunno bout them - perhaps just the thought of eating unfertilized embryos?)

3. When I'm angry or very stressed out I clean. With a toothbrush. Sometimes with a q-tip.

4. I think freckles are kind of sexy. Especially ones in odd places like... toes ;-)

5. At some point in my life I would like to learn oodles about quantum physics - for no reason in particular.

6. Sometimes when no one is home I dance all through the house - leaping and spinning and singing. Seriously. I get really into it.

I tag thee Earl, Badger, Kaylee, Slyde, Kat and Elizabeth.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

7 positive things...

Tagged by the kitty kat. In no particular order...

1. Spartan. (I know this will just shock ya'll to bits! :-P) He is just the greatest person I have ever known and I am lucky enough to be in love and be loved by him. I couldn't have imagined being so happy with another person. I truly never thought it was possible to love, trust, respect and admire someone as I do him. Suddenly life seems too short and everything is more beautiful. He is really my angel and I am very grateful every single day for his presence in my life.

2. My friends. I have some amazing friends whom I have been lucky enough to have had for a really long time. They are more family than friends to me. I love and cherish them all for what they have brought into my life. Each of them is unique and each of them has so many gifts to share. It is amazing to watch them make their way through life, get married, have children, suffer through painful times with dignity and accomplish new things. I learn from them every day.

3. My family. From my children, parents, brother, grandparents and extended family. I love them all. I am truly blessed. They bring a smile to my heart each and every single day. I couldn't imagine a world without them in it. My children are beautiful, healthy, funny and loving. My mother is more than just a mother, she is a dear friend. My dad and I still get in wrestling matches over the last slice of cake and my brother is an honest to goodness actual hero. My grandmother is patient and kind as well as funny - and she still makes the best scalloped tatoes in the world.... they are all such wonderful people.

4. My sense of humour. This is definitely an important one. Without this I don't think I'd have survived the few years preceding this one. I was very nearly broken - in spirit - by what I found myself in the midst of. It was heart breaking and difficult every step of the way. My sense of humour - which I had to constantly struggle to keep in check - enabled me to continue on with a smile on my face the majority of the time - and helped me to remember that there was still laughter in the world. It helped me find myself when I was sure I was losing who I was. The ability to laugh and to remember that life is still out there even when you feel like you are slipping away - makes you want to get back there to that place you remember that you loved being - and I do love it! (I didn't mean to get that deep... I must be slightly intoxicated from the red wine that is still dripping down my chin...)

5. My current physical condition. Though it is a work in progress, I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised at what I have accomplished in the last few years - in particular the last year. Two kids.... and several pounds gained and lost... no easy task to fit back into pre baby jeans - but better - I actually fit into highschool clothes (that are hideous from a fashion standpoint... but you know - ya gotta love it). I can confidently say I am in better shape now than I was before kids - and still intend to go further. I like that I am in control of this particular aspect of my life. I love working out. Makes me feel fantastic... and the abs look hot too! LOL. Much of this was due to my determination and hard earned sweat (ew), but I cannot help but thank all of the people that encouraged me along the way. There were many times that I couldn't have kept going all on my own - or at least not to the level I have achieved. *hugs* ( I feel like I am accepting an academy award... lmao)

6. My health. I am so very lucky to be a healthy person. That in and of itself is a huge positive.

7. The future. From where I sit right now I am looking forward to the road ahead like I have never done before. Though there will be many struggles to overcome and many more difficult times ahead - I look forward to the journey and look forward to having the people in my life who will be along for the ride.

I tag thee Diva, Bobo, John, Glugster and Melanie (kat tagged you too, lol-oops). (and anyone else who would like to play...)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today was a big day for me. I volunteer at my son's school teaching the little ones to read. Today, I received a marriage proposal from little Shawn. Sadly I had to decline his very kind offer but assured him that I would still happily accept his valentine craft. He seemed okay with this but later took the craft back and gave it to Susie. She bribed him by offering to share her snack. Little vixen.

Funny little story...
Yesterday, I went shopping and found a really cute white bikini. I decided to snap some pics of it on my phone to send Spartan. Each one came with a little note - "Isn't it cute" "Look at the cute little bow!" and so on. But T9 translated the last message into "Look at the cute little boy!" It was a picture of my abdomen basically. I quickly forwarded a text message that read, "No boy. Bow. No baby in there!"

Since text messages go faster than pics - Spartan got the no baby in there message with absolutely no explanation.

Spartan - being a very patient and saint like man responds by saying "??? You're so cute! What did you mean by that message sweetie??"

Poor man.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well today is a big day in the States - which some of you know because... well you live there.

I'm not much to discuss politics. I don't generally have much in the way of an opinion... for many reasons that range from not being educated on what is actually going on and - because I generally get kind of angry at what IS actually going on once I do form an opinion.

Not that I get to vote - since I AM Canadian. But the US politics do have a great deal to do with certain things in our country - such as the fact that my brother will be going to Afghanistan primarily because of Bush (pompous ass that he is). Don't get me wrong - I KNOW what they do when they are over there. They help people a great deal more than anyone over here realizes. The soldiers build the people there schools and provide them with things they need for survival. All of them are heroes in the true sense of the word. But I digress....

Having said that - if I lived stateside I'm thinking that Obama would be the one. I think that Clinton is incredibly strong but there is just something about her that doesn't quite convince me she should be the one to do it. Though - being a woman I have to say there is something to say about the prospect of having a woman as president of a super power. It's about time that a woman was in the running and I think there's a chance that she could actually take this. But the fact that she is woman isn't enough alone to sway me in her direction. I would never think someone was worthy - or not worthy - to run a country just because of their sex or their race.

In my lifetime a great many history changing events have taken place: The Berlin wall came down, the Love canal, Princess Diana passed away, 911 broke the world's heart and so much more. This year - add to the events this presidential race. A woman and a black man in the top running to win this election (CORRECTION - democratic nomination - thanks Earl). It's about time. I am eager to see the outcome and interested in seeing the world's reaction.

I have to go shopping now. Priorities people. I can't stay serious for long - but then you already know that. It's why you love me.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

There are no boundaries to what I write. Clearly. Sorry boys. I'm totally going there. I haven't before - but this time I just must.

I have period cramps right now that are so bad I want to scream. (again - sorry boys) I can honestly say I don't think I've ever been in this much pain at this particular time of month. IT HURTS. In fact - there have been many times when I haven't felt even the tiniest twinge of discomfort.
Yet for some reason - this month - I feel like someone is stabbing my lower abdomen repeatedly with a knife. I also broke out. NIIIICE.

Now - according to all of the people who "know" - diet and exercise play a big part in finding supposed relief from this monster. I have an excellent diet. I exercise almost daily. So clearly the universe is just trying to get back at me for something. Evidently the people who "know" in fact know very little. So I think I will NOT exercise today and I will eat salt (in a bowl with a spoon) and drink buckets of coffee filled with sugar.

I am seriously doubled over right now with no relief in site - though I am fully expecting the pain killers to kick in at any moment. Until then I am going to continue feeling very sorry for myself. I suggest all of you do too. (you can also feel free to send me alcohol... for medicinal purposes of course)

Friday, February 01, 2008

My printer broke. It's only a year old. My other (also only one year old printer) broke and I had to replace it. A fluke, thought I. HP is a good name. Right? WRONG. Piece of crap. Going to take it back to Best Buy and throw it at them. Hard.

In other news... took my car for an oil change. Also needs an air filter... oh and the transmission service whatamacallit was due 10,000 km ago. Whatever. Do the filter. Transmission will have to wait because despite the fact that it gives them energy to be loud- I still need to feed the children. OOOOHHH but - stop the presses - I got a free puzzle for my troubles. Well that's just freakin wonderful. Makes it alllll better. Notsomuch. It annoyed me further.

I'm extremely pissed off right now. GRRRR. So tonight I drink. Or maybe not - BECAUSE A HUGE SNOWSTORM MEANS THAT I HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE. (aka - ex isn't taking munchkins so I need to make sure that the house doesn't burn down and I'm passed out on the couch)

ALSO - much loathed leg workout from the other day has left me nearly unable to walk and - despite that - ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes only to return to the changeroom to find someone had puked EVERYWHERE. So there I am - breathing hard from running - and having to try to hold my breath so as not to perpetuate the problem.

I hate today. I'm sending it back.