Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the Little Things...

Like when you get an "surprise" raisin in your last bite of raisin bran.

When you get a message from an old friend that you miss telling you that they were thinking about you.

When an old movie that you love comes on T.V.

Your favorite show - coming back after a long summer without it. (And it will be a two hour premier!!)

The scale seeming not to notice those oreo cookies ;-)

Receiving a card in the mail.

A note from your child's teacher telling you that they were an exemplary student.

Finding that perfect pair of shoes!

Eating a perfectly ripe pear.

Receiving a text message from your true love just to remind you that you are cherished.

Free samples in the mail.

When your hair just works.

A random compliment from a stranger - when they clearly expect nothing in return.

The first stretch in the morning after a good night's sleep.

Comments from blogfriends.

When the sun peeks out after the rain.


Being Brazen said...

Great post - I agree with so many of those...
I especially love text messages from my love, compliments from strangers, comments from blog friends and any day my hair looks fab.

B.E. Earl said...

You really looking forward to Heroes that much tonight, eh?

sprinkle4 said...

LOL @ b.e.! I thought it might be 24 or something (I can't keep up)

My favorite is when one of my little ones says "I love you Mom" for no reason:)

Callie said...

Yup yup yup. Pretty much agree with all that.

Great post!!!

Mr Pineapples said...


There you go

I said it

Just in case you didnt know who was saying it

Now you know

po said...

Hi Elizabeth, nice post, I especially agree with comments from blogfriends, it is so nice to get feedback to know you are not alone out there.

Tamara said...

Receiving a card in the mail - I LOVE that. I once got a postcard two years after it was sent though. That's the South African Postal Service for you ;-)

Slyde said...

i must say that i have given up on heroes... and you should remember that LOST is clearly your favorite show.

i dont recall ever mailing you any silly HEROES season finale on dvd, did i?

Paige Stanton said...

I LOVE getting free samples in the mail! They're always so tiny and cute!

Lane said...

The littlest things are the best and I agree with all your list except for the 'stretch' one. Must try that, instead of staggering, stooped and rickety to the kettle:-)

Stace said...

Getting mail that isn't a bill...

elizabeth said...

being brazen - speaking of good hair days - mine today is most definately not off to a good start - perhaps I should take a peek in the mailbox to attempt to lift my spirits..

earl - I fell asleep. Does watching the countdown show count?

sprinkle - oh there's usually a reason (ie. they have just flushed your keys down the toilet or bedazzled your prada pumps...)

callie - thanks darlin!~

Mr Pineapples - THANK GOD you finally revealed yourself my dear. I've been asking that for years.

po - it is nice isn't it?

tamara - really? Something must be done. 2 years. Wow.

Slyde - no actually... sadly I've given up on LOST. I'm too lost as it were... but what a conundrum; Survivor and Grey's - same night. Major issues with that - I may have to start a petition...

paige - arent' they dear? I have oodles of miniature products stashed in a drawer... but they are indeed too cute since I don't ever want to use them up.

lane - oh - I do that AFTER I stretch...

stace - I know exactly what you mean.