Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dust bunnies

I've become somewhat handy in the past several months:

1. Not only do I now know of the existence of filters - I know how many my house holds within its walls and how to change them. I actually even change them. Huzzah.

2. I can change lightbulbs but often choose not to. My vain attempt at defying the universe. Sadly, I have ended up with several bruises because of it. I may have to find another way to go about this.

3. I love how everywhere in the USA has cards - member cards - everywhere. I have to buy a new wallet to house them. I have gotten pretty good at remembering which ones I already have... well I'm trying anyways.

4. I fixed the toilet. Seriously.

5. I have only forgotten to take the garbage out once.

6. The garb-orator provides me with endless hours of fascination. I especially love garborating limes and hamsters (just kidding - checking to see if you were listening).

7. I'm going to make it afterall. (Thanks MTM *throws hat joyfully in the air*)


B.E. Earl said...

A word of advice on the membership cards: If they have the tags you can add to your key chain, go with those. All they need is the barcode anyway. Much easier than buying a new wallet.

Stace said...

Garb-orator?! Sounds like a really crappy public speaker...

badgerdaddy said...

Or perhaps a fashion adviser.

elizabeth said...

Earl - as always you have again achieved genius status. That's brilliant.

Stace - lmao

badge - I snorted when I read that (attractive yes?)