Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I woke up early this morning to the delightful sound of a cat making this guttural growl outside my window. When I say early - I mean 5:30 a.m., thus my ability to find time to allocate to the much neglected blog.

I miss you blog friends *sniff*. So I will torture you with some general ramblings;

I have been busy in the garden picking marvelous veggies (that I will not eat in this lifetime - but growing them is an entirely different thing) and raspberries (I WILL eat those at least). I am very excited to report that soon there will be five different kinds of ripe tomatoes for me to harvest. I haven't the slightest idea why this garden brings me such satisfaction. Free food. That might be part of it. Instead of going to the produce section I just skip out the back door. That definitely holds some of the appeal.

The other day my grandmother sent us some of her raspberries to eat. A little lesson in comparison; or a bit of senility kicking in. Though they were tiny - they were indeed tastey. So there my Mum and I sat having coffee and eating berries when I got rather a chuckle when my Mother, who was munching away on the same, stopped mid munch and began spitting and spazing only to have discovered a beetle in amongst the formerly unoffensive berries. Not just any beetle either I dare say. This particular beetle resembled what I can only describe as a mini-monstrous scarab beetle (though obviously not) that I have myself noted eating the raspberries and avoided like the plague. I think it is domestically referred to as a Japanese beetle, though the actual name or political correctness is a bit of a question at present. I must say as beetles go - it is rather pretty - in a horrid creepy crawly nightmarish way. But I digress...

After she danced about she forced the beetle from her mouth and into the sink much like a spittoon champion. For some reason things like this struck me as funny - and that deep down belly laughter began. Evidently I needed this particular fit of funny since it turned into one of those unstoppable episodes with tears rolling down my cheeks and arms clutching my sides. Eventually my Mother was persuaded to join in the laughing which only made me laugh harder. Though I cannot relate the events or perhaps I am unable to articulate them well enough to demonstrate why this was so amusing, I do hope it has at least made someone smirk. If not, I'll send you a beetle to feed to your Mother so that you too can fall down laughing. (But -bletch, what if they didn't notice it and kept chewing... actually - that might be funnier...unless it was poisonous...perhaps not such a good idea after all).

Anyways, happy Wednesday people. Which reminds me - I leave for BC in one week. Matter of fact, one week today I will be enroute to the airport to begin my adventure. I am filled up with anticipation of the trip and will revel in it for the time being. My only saddness; I miss one event my blogfriends are hosting and this makes me slightly pouty. But I'm sure they will survive without me and I will endeavour to have some kind of bbq (complete with fresh garden produce and raspberry beetle pie) upon my return.


badgerdaddy said...

Pfffft. I never get invited to bloggy events.

B.E. Earl said...

You don't eat your own veggies? Horrors!

And that little bug graphic at the bottom of the post had me swiping at the screen...more than once, before realizing what YOU did!

elizabeth said...

badge - err. You are welcome at the bbq!

earl - see what happens when you drink? LOL

Yoga Korunta said...

Elizabeth, I was afraid the beetle got you!

Why not post the article I sent?

Good to see you back!

Joe the Troll said...

The house I grew up in had wild raspberries in the backyard. I miss those, especially now that I'm into making fruit flavored honey wines.