Thursday, November 22, 2007


You think I would be used to the idea that this part of Canada gets winter. But this morning when I woke up to this kind of cold rainy hail/snow storm - I almost threw a tantrum.
I do not like it.
It would be different if there was a soft blanket of white snow and the sun was making it sparkle like diamonds... instead it is dark and gloomy and kind of miserable.
Maybe if I liked winter sports. But sadly I haven't much talent in that department. I ski on my head; I do not recommend trying this as it can be somewhat painful. I can't really skate - well I can - but only with a chair or two people on either side of me holding me. Beer bogganing - actually not bad at this but can't do it alone and the kids are still too little to drink. Sigh. So I spend most of the winter inside making the puss in boots sad eyeses out the back door for the duration of the season.
The only highlight amidst the misery comes in Christmas - which we have previously established as my most favorite holiday. So I am going to walk around avoiding the windows and humming carols to try to avoid facing the reality of the outside world today.
I might even write some more cards. Keeping with the theme.
Or I might hop a plane and fly to Dallas... ;-)
God I hate winter.


Glugster said...

You should come and visit us here in sunny South Africa. It's summer here now, and even if it was winter, you'd be safe, cause it doesn't snow here.

Make like a swallow. Migrate.

elizabeth said...

Sigh. South Africa sounds like fun. But what would I do there? Besides which - I'm already too far away from Spartan.

(pst - Spartan - wanna run away to South Africa? Kat? Come on - no snow!)

i am the diva said...

just be thankful you're not in the Skatch funnygirl.... it's freakin cold over here!! and last weekend it finally snowed and it stuck. So, winter is here.

elizabeth said...

Yeah. Poop. Evidently it snowed in Dallas yesterday too so... there is no escaping winter this year it seems.