Friday, August 22, 2008

Just popping in to say allo!

Oh the fun.

This week I have become quite adept at Rockstar (game much like Guitar hero... only cooler). Well, when I say I've become adept at it, it simply means I am not being boo'ed off stage any longer.

I have also learned all manner of new torture techniques to employ at the gym. I've actually been lucky enough to have been able to work out all week with an amazing trainer and one of the fittest people I know (you know, Apollo aka Spartan). I've also been stuffing my face with wheat grass which clearly will make me strong like ox. This is like boot camp - but really fun... and I have to admit that I really enjoy watching Spartan in the gym. It's very sexy.

I am just having such a brilliant time - I miss my little people though. Ooooodles. But I wish I could just bring them here instead of leaving. I don't wanna leave. Not going to think about that just yet though.

Tonight - girly fun at the spa. *JOY* Tomorrow - romantic getaway that Spartan is being oddly mysterious about (?).

Hope you guys aren't missing me too much ;-D


B.E. Earl said...

Maybe he is taking you to a Swinger's weekend? ;)

lotus07 said...

Mystery dates are the best long as they don't invovle Ferrets.

McBöbø said...

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself and getting the rich deserts you deserve.

Perving at your BF in the gym is always a good sign.

As are mystery dates.

Lap it up!

Tamara said...

yup, ferrets can really ruin a mystery date.


Slyde said...

rockstar? i think you mean Rock Band, missy...

Ookami Snow said...

Aha! Rock Band. I get it. Thanks Slyde.

Anonymous said...