Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas is closer every minute. Shit.

I don't often curse - but in this instance - I thought there was no other way to describe exactly how the panic of not being done shopping this close to the holiday is twisting me into a bit of a grumpy humbug.

I'm tired of all the people rushing about the mall screaming at their tots, shooting dirty looks and seemingly about ready for - and rather in need of - a large biscuit... made with mostly Valium. I start out well enough but then in the end I too am smiling at the crowd through gritted teeth. (Not my most attractive look, must say.)

Otherwise, life is just drumming along. Busy. Crazy busy. I feel about in need of a reprieve from this repetitive insanity that has become my life. Luckily for me - one is in short sight. In a few weeks - I will be safely ensconced in my other home surrounded by people whom I adore and able to sleep in, drink wine and relax with a coffee at random intervals.

I hope those of you stateside are stuffing yourselves with massive amounts of turkey and cheap wine.

Off to write Santa a scathing letter badmouthing random people - you should try it - it's cathartic. Emotional cleansing at its best - Truly.


dizzblnd said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am too broke to do too much shopping... we usually do all of our shopping 3 days before anyway.

I DID stuff myself with too much food AND very cheap wine and tequila.... life is goodf!

Paige Stanton said...

Love the new Christmassy colors, I changed mine as well. I agree with the ridiculousness of stores and people and the holiday season. I prefer to stay at home this time of year...with a lot of cheap wine... : )

Slyde said...

you? you?

you are a veritible MISS CHRISTMAS! This is your favorite time of year!

if you start getting all grinchy on us then there is no hope...

KatW said...

I suggest.....Internet shopping whilst drinking wine and nibbling chocolate! Oh and you could put your favourite tunes on as well (beats the piped Mall music). The shops are too full of crazy people anyway(which would include me if I go). I was in ASDA a few days ago and you'd think they were all shopping for families the size of a small village! Panic buying at its best.

Try and get a bit of chill out time and take care of you.
Kat :-)

elizabeth said...

dizzblnd - tequila. Now you're talking. Wonder how tequila infused turkey would taste?

Paige - the first to comment on the decorative festive theme round here. I'm also playing christmas music - constantly.

Slyde - dig the new pic chachi. I know. Miss Christmas (next year Mrs. Christmas - *GRIN*). I keep myself in check. Next time I go to the mall I think I'll dress as an elf - and stop now and again to take down names for the naughty list.

kat - brilliant plan my dear. I may just do that very thing. Then I can play Christmas in New York and scream out the chorus ;o) (Whenever I do that at the mall, security comes.)

B.E. Earl said...

Isn't Slyde's new pic 2Die4? ;)

Do you have copious amounts of snow yet? That would instantly get me into the Christmas spirit.

Slyde said...

earl is just jealous...

and i just knew that pic would bring the chachi-spotters out of the woodwork..

Donn Coppens said...

Ah the hollow-days..
cue Andy Williams..
"it's the most
dep-lor-able time
of the year"

You know that Buy Nothing Day that they dreamed up..what if they had a buy nothing week in December?
Seriously people get totally psychotic during Stressmas. I loathe the malls but I cannot resist feeding my schadenfreude by sitting on a bench in the mall and seeing how bloody miserable everybody is...then some little kid will wander by with his Mom and their little face is all lit up as they stare at all the lights and decorations DAMNIT!

Stace said...

You know what else feels really good?? Giving up Christmas entirely. Aidan and I are just ignoring the whole affair this year, and probably from now on.

Being Brazen said...

I need to wrte Santa one of those letters

Anonymous said...

I have done no Christmas shopping yet. Not one iota, and nor am I putting up decoarations until next weekend. Now and again, I get the urge to go Christmas shopping, but generally I lie down until the feeling goes away.

I was thinking of going to the wine shop on Christmas eve and buying everyone wine and chocolate. Sorted!

Anonymous said...