Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oh shit there goes another year...

The years just pick up speed, don't they? Of course this post is a shameless attempt at soliciting happy birthday wishes - but - it is also here to serve as a look back over the last year and a look at what 33 will bring...

The year of 32:

1. Proposed to by the man of my dreams. This alone would have made the year worthwhile - but wait... there is more...

2. Seeing oodles of my BFF Carrie out west.

3. Being a godparent to Carries' newest addition - with Spartan.

4. Curacao. With Spartan. Lizards, birds, eels, laughter and pina coladas. Yay!

5. Getting my body back from having babies! Huzzah!

6. Having healthy family and friends. Double huzzah!

The year ahead:

1. Duh. No brainer what will slide into first place here. Marriage to a most marvelous, loving, kind, supportive, handsome, sexy, and breathtaking man. Of course all of the things that go with it... such as more kisses and hugs from him!

2. Seeing more of my BFF this summer for the festivities.

3. Lots of wonderful friends having babies... including my brother and sister in law!

4. A happy me!

Okay. Gotta go slap on some wrinkle cream and hang upside down for a while.