Sunday, December 04, 2011

I spent half my day yesterday crafting Christmas Cards and getting drunk on Bellini's. Cards are pictured above - I'm sort of attached to them and my tummy hurts when I think about mailing them. (Is it a bad thing if I mail myself a couple? I might sign them from famous people just for giggles.)

Babs and Roo made a gingerbread train and decorated some sugar cookies. Which they then ate. (She got MOST of it off of her face) Gingerbread is just gross. The only thing that's fun is reenacting that scene from Shrek where you break off the ginger bread man's leg and make him yell "You're a Monster". Then after, Babs perfected her turban skills.
17 days until holiday adventuring begins. I keep decorating and it must be stopped.

Also, if you look really close you can see my reflection in the vase. THANK god I wasn't nekkid. Get your heads out of the gutter.
I'm off in search of Christmas shows and some coffee...


Suniverse said...

Holy crap.

Can you come decorate my house? The only thing I have out so far is a jingly bell wicker basket that I put one year for holiday napkins and never actually put away.


PS Totally mail those cards to yourself.

elizabeth said...

I did dude. I mailed them all - WITH gift cards to my favorite stores. Merry Christmas to me.

skinsoffa said...

Nice pics!! For Holiday !!! Thanks for sharing

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