Thursday, February 09, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Who are you?
Apparently I'm Susan - shocking. But I did the quiz again and was Bree (we know that isn't true now don't we!) LOL. Nope, one more time and was Lynette - definite parallels here.

I actually almost bought a shirt (that will shock those of you who know I hate buying things....especially online) but I didn't know who to get? Suggestions?

Maybe we could have a shirt stenciling party - seeing as the stencils are on order and all. LOL


Kat said...

get me
and I'm a Bree
...i guess I'm also a poet
and didn't know...

but really,
I never thought I was Bree???!!!

Am I a Bree??????

Kat said...

so I did it 3 more times.
The next 2 I was Susan
and the last one I was Bree again...
tie breaker???

I'll be back

elizabeth said...


Carrie said...

Ok...First I was Lynette
Then...I was Bree
Then...I was Susan Twice.
Do you think this is any
reflection on my multiple personality disorder?
Liz, you definately are a Bree!

elizabeth said...

Why is that before yours? I think we need to syncronize our watches.

elizabeth said...

That was really cool.

Kat said...

so I can't stop doing this stupid
thing and now I've been everyone
except Lynn.
Mostly Bree and Susan-
so yes Carrie,
I think we all have a severe case
of MPD.
Oh well.
Keeps us interesting! lol