Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why is it?

That when you mix mayo and mustard to add them onto a sandwich - it tastes entirely different than when you add them separately?!


Kat said...

it's a scientific mystery.
but it must run along the same theory as why cookies taste so darn good.
I mean really,
who likes raw eggs, sugar and dry flour before they are mixed and baked??

...maybe Martin's grandma??

Kat said...

and the tie breaker is....

drum roll please....


but i bet if i did it again
it'd be Bree.

Oh well.
I'll take those suggestions now
on which shirt to buy.

Kat said...

so I posted before my last post
(does that make sense??)
I did the test a total of 5 times.
I was 1st and 4rth most Bree
and 2nd 3rd and tie breaker Susan.

Kat said...

ok so now I'm posting in the wrong place.
I think I should just go to bed...

elizabeth said...

Well I'm glad you said it - cuz I thought maybe that coffee creamer was really bailey's. lol