Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Canadian in America

Hello blogland!

Sadly; shortly after being all wedded up to my hero we were banished back to both of our respective kingdoms on either side of the continent. Seems quite a cruel trick the universe at large is playing upon us. Back to several phone calls and text messages a day - where if I close my eyeeees hard enough I can almost pretend he is with me and we are just having a conversation. But then there are times at night where I wake up disoriented and go looking for him in the bed only to discover that I am - all alone. No closing of the eyeses helps the feeling I get in my tummy - like someone punched me.

But! The reason I am here and he is there is because we are packing up our respective kingdoms to prepare to move to our new home... in VA. *yay*

Luckily for us we have a smattering of friends there - so it is not as if we are without subjects. (I jest -- ha ha see what I did there?) - but it is an entirely different country.

Though I have lived a short drive from the US my entire life - I still find the future a little daunting.

I find myself asking important questions, such as: do they have Campbells soup in the US? Do they sell my brand of hair product AND - where will I get my Ketchup and Dill pickle chips from???? Will I like Wegmans and Pottery Barn - and will people still smile and say hello when passing on the street? Will I be allowed to sit on the perverbial fence on big political issues as Canadians are apt to do? Will all of the neighbours think I own snow shoes, speak Canadian and have intimate knowlege of building igloos? Will I be prone to tears when at sporting events and hear the Canadian anthem? Will I forget where I came from? Or how to get home for a visit? Driving back to visit - whole other terrifying prospect. I'll have to look into getting a GPS that speaks Canadian *wink*.

It appears the train to adult hood has picked up speed... *sigh* Guess I'd better buckle in.

So... back to the onerous task of donating items no longer in use, throwing out broken things and preparing for the final phase of my whole new life and missing my darling husband. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate in 33 years... and how much of it seemed to be important but now seems nothing more than excess baggage.


Stace said...

Reading this made me cry, and I'm not quite sure why. Very emotional right now. Best of luck with the move, I'm sure it'll all work out fine. Surely it's not too far to go home for your hair gunk and Campbells soup? Or you could always buy online and get stuff delivered :)

I hope you don't miss your home too much... I'm missing my home like crazy right now, but that's probably because the town we moved to is such a shit hole. I'm sure you won't have that problem!

badgerdaddy said...

It's all good, dawg.

Slyde said...

you are only going to be about 5 hours from me...

im PRETTY sure that is inside the radius of my restraining order..

Cate Euston said...

Funny to find you here. I'm an American just coming to Canada. (just started my blog today, in fact:
It's interesting to see you're worried about the same things I was. It's funny that the little things are what we miss most. I feel like an alien in the land of pickle and ketchup flavored potato chips and "washrooms." :-) We're sort of in the same boat but going opposite directions. Best of luck. Cate

Donn said...

First of all Congratulations. I knew that the "perfect day" must to be close at hand.

What a Coinky-Dink I just returned from a vacation in the US and I was struck by our differences/similarities. I realise that I was in the gun totin' cowboy Merkin Heartland and not in a liberal upscale part of Merka.

That midwestern tinge extends up to the outskirts of my city and you can find western outfits and attitudes in rural Manitobee *spits on Rattler..
Okay a Garter Snake

Let me speak in Midwestern for a spell Darlin'

Hayl, it don't make no never-matter no-how 'cause y'all be livin' on love fer 18 munths which point in time Nature takes it course and the hornymonal levels will return to normal values along with the deletion of practising excessive attention to good behaviour and manners.

Now the real training begins..and good luck with that. Do not worry. It is possible to "fix" a feller I am living proof.

elizabeth said...

update - I am surprised to note that I do indeed tear u p at sporting events during the anthem. Indeed I do.