Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Packing packing packing and SPIDERS

It never ends.

I have discovered several new species of arachnids. They exposed themselves to me in the damp dark fruit cellar portion of the basement that sits beneath my house.

They did so under duress; upon the detonation of a carrot juice bomb. I inadvertently touched the bottle and KABOOM resulting in shards of glass, a loud noise and whatever was once carrot juice - that now was vinegar like - copious amounts - oozing about the fruit cellar and making way for the drain.

This was followed by an explosion of large furry eight legged creatures running haphazardly about trying in desperation to avoid my shoe. While I tried to avoid getting any of them in my shoe - or on my person.

**This development seriously rerouted my previous "make believe" game that all of the spiders went to live outside - thus my ability to remain rational and actually enter the basement to pack.

Of course, vinegar attracts fruit flies. So - I was trapped in the fruit cellar being attacked by spiders and fruit flies trying to gulp air and clean up. I think I only inhaled one of the flies. I promptly put on a mask.

I HATE BUGS. Which is why I will never live in a house that is a century old again. That wasn't my smartest choice. Actually, I don't think I will live in anything over 15 years old.

Remind me not to let carrot juice ferment again. That was utterly stenchy.


B.E. Earl said...

One of my cats is a might spider killer.

Wanna borrow him?

Slyde said...

One of my friends cant spell "mighty"

elizabeth said...

Earl - ya. I do. When can you get here?

Slyde - one of my friends can't spell obnubilate and most of them don't have a clue what it means...