Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm ready for the end of the big events and settling into my life. My whole new - very lucky and very happy - life.

It makes me reflect; leaving here and packing up... finding old photos of old friends. Saying goodbye is more than a phone call, a coffee or a dinner with friends and family isn't it? It's knowing that some of the places you are going - and have been going for the past several years - might never be gone to again and some of the people might not be here when I get back.

So today, with a strange sort of clarity I "saw" and "heard" some of the places that I have been going all these years. It almost seemed like - in an odd way - for the first time. Like my brain was recording everything.

I have thusly committed myself to being a little more "present" and awake everywhere I go from here on out. Because I've always been a big fan of telling myself that the goal is ---- not to live in the past... or live only looking forward to the future but instead, to look forward to right now.

Pst. Spartan, Honey? Know what I'm looking forward to? THIS. I love you. Thank you for right now and every right now from here on out.


badgerdaddy said...

Living in the present's great. I like it here.

WV: tater! Cool.

Anonymous said...

When I juggle (badly) I can't help but live in the present. Otherwise, I am mostly agonising over the immediate future.

It's sad to leave, isn't it?

Donn said...

Right here right now
there is no other place
I'd rather be.

Great advice..
never forget how this world came to be and where it could go if YOU don't do your part :)