Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kid Eating Puppy

Okay, so what makes a parent say "Awww. Isn't that cute - let's take a picture" instead of "What the hell - put the puppy down". Seriously something wrong with that but the result is still pretty funny. Also, I hope that the family doesn't run a restaurant and she's just in training. (THAT was low - I know but I couldn't help myself.)


Carrie said...

This is very cute! I'm sure you knew I would say that. But, where's the whale penis?

Tobiwan said...

*face red from laughing*

That 'kid eating puppy' pic made me laugh out loud (it was more of a cackle, but who's counting?).

It makes me think about a running joke we have here at work regarding the 'roach coach' mobile food truck. They sell these mysterious meat sticks (on skewers) we call Gato Palillo (otherwise known as 'Kittysticks'). Suspicious, but delicious ;-)