Friday, March 17, 2006

Pygmy Hunting

Hello all!
Went to the Vancouver aquarium for my friend's daughters birthday yesterday and there were like - millions of people there and they were all really wiggy. Some old person pissed themselves in the exhibit and I am quite sure I walked through it. So funny because we were all like "Something smells like pee pee! Eww that is a baaaad smell..." and so on. But we never actually looked at the floor. Idiots (said like Napoleon Dynamite). And it was like concentrated pee so it reeked like mad. Eww.
Then we were in the rainforest exhibit searching for sloths - I am quite sure that is what begot the where's waldo game - anyways -found one! Whoo. Hoo. All this build up for - a lump of slow moving moss covered lump of fur somewhere in a tree. Then my friend Carrie screams - "look a pygmy!" She was referring to the pygmy monkey (that we have a history with - long story) but there was this man standing there - very cleverly camouflaged by the throngs of 10 year olds - who was 4'10 turns and gives ME the total stink eye. I'm instantly mortified/amused and fascinated all at the same time. But then he keeps staring at me and I find myself all like - OMG the pygmy is gonna rage on me and I started babbling incoherently and tripping over my own feet (or maybe the pygmy?) to get the hell out of there. I didn't think I was one of those people who was afraid of midgets - but now I wonder if maybe I am courting a new phobia? Weird. Anyways so then I was ravenous - as all good sloth hunting expeditions will make a gal - and stopped at a little stand outside to have a nummy hot dog. Then we went home had a nap and then woke up a drank several bottles of really tasty wine. Then I passed out and had nightmares about pygmy monkeys that had grown mens faces. Really unsettling.
Anyways here I am - I was up a 5:00 this morning so I thought I would pop in and keep yall up to date. lol.


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh until it hurt.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid of midgets. I think I would be terrified of pygmies. LOL.

Dee said...

OMG Liz you are too funny! Thank you for the laugh...I really needed that...Hope you're having fun in BC.

Anonymous said...

If there was a magazine somewhere that would publish this stuff - I'd line up. I enjoy your blog. I read it out loud at work.

Anonymous said...

To people. Not just for my own amusement...