Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here are some really (un)interesting things I've been up to...

Potty training is well into it's 3rd week of success. Yesterday was the first day I ventured out without the handy dandy pullups. We went on the carousel. I always get misty eyed on the carousel. Don't know why - just do. I chose a goat (just to be different) and munchkin got a lovely dapple grey pony. (I actually wanted the giraffe but some little kid stole it from me....don't worry I "accidentally" tripped him on the way off the ride). The horses actually have real horse hair for tails - cool hey? And the carousel ride is only 5 cents - isn't that amazing? The look on my daughter's face when the carousel started was pure magic. Kids are awesome.

Hung out at Jennifer's birthday party on Saturday - and spent about 3 hours in her pool. I love the pool. It's so wonderful and warm. It was too cold to get out of the water. If I could have figured out a way to sleep in there, I would have. For her 30 th birthday - I very kindly gave her a cd entitled "Cougar Cuts" since I laughed so hard I almost fainted when I read it. Who knew Walmart would have something so funny? OOOOOOH - unless it wasn't supposed to be funny - but then that actually makes it funnier doesn't it?

I canned 18 jars of stewed tomatoes. Though - they are actually in jars so I'm not sure why we call it canning? But anyhoo - I dressed the part with the hair in a bandanna and an apron (the only thing missing were the high heel shoes! LOL). Anyways, now grandma will have tomatoes for the winter - and I won't feel so guilty stealing her jam.

Allergies have begun - and if I am to use the beginning to measure the severity of this years season - I believe it will be horrific. My eyes are so itchy I want to scream - as are the inside of my ears and the back of my throat - and actually just about everywhere else. Sneezing and runny nose added to the mix and I am pretty much done for.

I bought season 1 of Grey's Anatomy since I only started watching it near the end of the season. What a great show. I watched it right from the first episode through the last episode to fill in any mental gaps. I know have a much more intimate understanding of each of the characters. AND bonus features are cool. Then I figured I might as well pre-order season 2 just in case I want to refresh my mind for the start of season 3. YES - I know my social life isn't that interesting.... but I don't care.

Speaking of my underwhelming social accomplishments.... did anyone watch the season premiere of "House"? (Just saying "season premiere" sends shivers of anticipation down my spine... my favorite time of year...)Anyways, back to House. What the hell? That was really really terrible. Thank god that condition isn't real or I would never EVER leave the house again. For more than one reason actually - first, just in case it was catchy and second, in case I had to see anyone with it. If I saw someones eyeball vacate someones face in that manner, I would go instantly and irrevocably insane. The rest of it was icing on the cake - though food was more than likely the last thing on my mind when I watching that show.

Well - enjoy the sunshine (or the rain) wherever you are in the world...


Stef said...

Rain :-(

I'm totally jealous about you sitting a lovely warm pool, I think I'd give my right arm now to be able to float in a warm pool. *sigh*

Can't believe the carousel was only 5 cents... What with the exchange rate and what-not that's like... Free! Glad you munchkin loved it and that you got that giraffe-stealing kid too. What were they thinking?! ;-)

Kat said...

I totally missed the season premiere! When was it on? I saw a stupid re-run last night. Now I'm pissed. I love that show.
Speaking of love...can't wait for Nip Tuck and Grey's Anatomy to come back!

Elizabeth McClung said...

You life actually sounds really nice - I wish I knew how to can stuff - the most "homey" I get is to pick blackberries, then after putting on some painkiller to the scratches, I throw them in the freezer - wow, how Martha Steward is that?

Grey's Anatomy 2 is coming out on DVD soon - So I will see that. I hope House isn't killing off anymore lesbian chidren (I never really forgave him when the lesbian couples baby was the ONLY patient to die all first season) - I'm wondering if he has covered X yet or that really rare condition where your body turns muscles into bone, until you die from having your lungs or heart turned into bone. I used to read up on all sorts of horrible diseases and then tell the person doing my hair about them until they NEVER wanted me to come back again.

What are you allergic too - isn't the season over instead of beginning? Here we've done pollen, dust and grass - what's left?

elizabeth said...

Stef - you're welcome to join us in her pool any old time - right Jen?

Kat - It was on last night. Remember how he got shot? Well.... (do you want me to tell you what happens next?)

Beth - Isn't picking blackberries fun? I used to spend hours at my secret spot doing that when I was a kid - fully intended to give them to my grandmother to make jam but then I ate them all.
I didn't watch much of house last season - but then he got shot so I had to tune in to see what happens next.
Our hayfever season has just begun here - goes right up until the big freeze begins(Oct). I get different allergies out there - earlier- to some tree or another. Not nearly as bad as here. I should just move there. ;-)

elizabeth said...

Oh yeah - and Beth, you can pre-order the second season of Grey's now. It comes out in Sept.

Stef said...

Right, I'll get my swimming gear and I'll be right over.

See you once I've managed to swim across the Atlantic! ;-)

elizabeth said...

Stef - so I'll see you soon, right? (watch out for things with big teeth)