Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The adventures of Liz and Carrie continue...

What a fun trip. This was one of the most incredibly beautiful places on earth (see for yourself). The first day I got there my friend and I stayed in Calgary for the night at the Fairmont Palliser. This place is heaven. I endeavour to make enough money to live there a few months out of every year. It was absolutely fabulous. We went out for a fantastic
dinner and I ate enough to nearly burst - a must for every vacation - and drank enough wine that we had to stumble back to our nightly abode.

The second day found us on our way to Banff for the three giggling pals gallivanted around a little park looking for bears but only found picket pups. I learned to speak with them and despite many failed attempts continued to try to catch one for a good hour (this entertained both of my friends... as well as the picket pups...). I also entertained the other tourists by wearing "antennae" made of blades of grass.

Everywhere was like a picture post card.

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O' Tim said...

Silly picket pup, trips are for kids!
Nice photos, Elizabeth.