Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have finally recovered from Friday's festivities. Having regained the ability to walk in a straight line, I have returned to the land of blog. Thank goodness for water... and Tylenol.

As much fun as it was... I think this can only be repeated once every six months or so. I figure I can afford to kill that many brain cells - but only very occasionally.

My ability to recover from such a ridiculous amount of drinking seems to be somewhat more limited now than in my youth. Sigh. Youth really is wasted on the young, init?

I think I will have to rejoin the land of the sober until my little trip westward... but then all bets are off and bring on the Cesars. Spartan makes some incredible Cesars... so sad for those of you who can't get Clamato juice. It makes all the difference. (If I ever move Stateside - I will make semiannual trips to procure enough of this yummy elixir to keep me giggly).

Today... finally the rain ceased falling... the basement started to dry up (I call it the river runs through it room) and I have managed to catch up the laundry. The lawn, however, must wait until later this week. My mother had a fantastic suggestion; buy a goat. Let it keep the grass short. I think my entire family is just a little "out there"... pretty darn sure of it as a matter of fact. She also reminded me that goat's milk is a valuable commodity... me - milking a goat. Isn't happening. Just can't picture it...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend blog friends!


Paige Stanton said...

I agree the older you get the harder it is to recover from a night of indulgence. Ceasars are one of my new favourties as well! JRK makes a nice spicy one!

Don't worry about the lawn it'll still be there when you find time to do it. A goat might actually not be a bad idea...

Anonymous said...

Honey, age comes to us all. I never had much of a stomach for alcohol.

Caesars sound fabby, must get Bobo to make me one. I too like being all giggly.

Slyde said...

so, you had rain too, huh?

here in NY we were POUNDED by it all day yesterday... my pool is now overflowing with water!