Wednesday, July 09, 2008


When I was a teenager I loved the New Kids on the Block. They have returned... I remember being quite sure that when I grew up I would marry Joey McIntyre. I was never one of those fans who stopped liking them when their popularity waned... but I became a closet fan... and stopped wanted to be Mrs McIntyre. Now they have returned. No matter how cheesy - I still like them. I know. I need a good reprimanding - and this is surely the place to get it.

Yesterday - I worked on a surprise for Spartan. Obviously, because it is a surprise I cannot talk about it here.... except to say that I'm excited. I'll fill you guys in later. (I'm sure that wasn't annoying at all)

Off to do some of the million things on my list of things to get done in the next couple of days;

1. Hunt the bird down and make it into a center piece... or use to adorn a hat.

2. Water the Mulberry tree with bleach... in the middle of the night when the little old apple people who live nextdoor (and fertilize it every year) don't see me. Or maybe some rusty nails...or both... *ponder*

3. Stock up on wine, turkey bacon and omega eggs - and coffee.

4. Write a scathing anonymous letter to the people across the street who let their home schooled hellions knock on my door every hour... and then proceed to ask nosey questions like, "Are you divorced? My parents were talking about that. Do you know anyone else who is divorced?" (I'm a marked woman round here).... screw anonymous - I'll sign it "The Divorcee".

5. Reply to a few invitations floating around my desk... and actually mail them.

6. Shave my legs. Tres importante.

7. Find a million magical and brilliant uses for the two *free* Mr Clean erasers that I got in the mail. I love LOVE love free samples.

8. Disassemble and hide the Spartan shrine... oops... just kidding sweetheart.

9. About 300 other things...

10. ... and finally - sit back in my very clean and shiny house, with my lovely shaven legs, look relaxed and await the arrival of the love of my life.


B.E. Earl said...

So I may have missed it in the past few month's posts or so, but is there a new fella in yer life? ;)

badgerdaddy said...

...and who's this Spartacus fella?

A Day in the Life of the Boon's said...

I too am a closet NKOTB fan. But they sure look old now. I guess it has been 20 years or so. Don't tell anyone though!

elizabeth said...

Earl and SLyde - where the hell have you been? Spartan is my sweetheart - for a year now. Are you guys still sniffing the glue you use to build those model starwars ships?

Carrie - shhh. Makes us sound old.

Melanie said...

i love having visitors! enjoy every min.

elizabeth said...

oops - I said earl and slyde - badger - I meant earl and badger... though I don't think you build so much with the starwars and all that... although maybe... I need to stop sniffing glue. ;-)

elizabeth said...

melanie - thanks darlin! ;-)

B.E. Earl said...

Oh, yeah...I guess I HAVE heard you mention him once or twice in the past year or so. HA! ;)

Tamara said...

"Spartan? Who's that?"

They got you good, E.

elizabeth said...

I feel like I am blogging in the twilight zone... and here I thought I talked about him too much. There's even a meez of him... where am i and who are you people?

elizabeth said...

Are you guys teasing me?

Callie said...

Elizabeth - I do believe they are teasing you.

Sorry sweetie!

Enjoy the chores. You know, if you have extra time, you could come use those magic erasers at my house. Just to pass the time until Spartan shows up. ;-D

lotus07 said...

Kill two birds with one stone. Give the little rug-rats across the street all your old NKOTB musica and memorablia. Their parents will never allow them near you again.

lotus07 said...

(you mention Sparten in every post, Earl is obviously having 'issues' of some sort)

elizabeth said...

callie - i suspected that might be the case ;-( .... sadly there is nothing left of the erasers since I have cleaned every surface of my house, however, should more show up I will be there right away.

lotus - ha. Good idea... but then I would miss the stuff... (Earl must be having issues... )

Aidan said...

Step by step... ooh baby i want to get too you girrlllllll..

ahhh that takes me back:)

And the Spinal Tap reunion tour is just around the corner:)

Anonymous said...

Jobbies, blogger ate my comment. I am in a total huff now and will have to go and calm down lol.

And don't even talk to me about shaving. My slapdash bikini line waxing is legendary.

Oh, and hullabatowers is a bit to drama laden just now, so I am limiting my blog readership to invited members. You will see why over at mine. Mail me, and I will put you on the list of beautiful people. xx

Stace said...

NKOTB? You need therapy! Haha - I confess I liked them when they came out, but I was about 12 and didn't know any better.

Do people in your area have a problem with divorced people?? High Catholic population or something? That strikes me as really odd. I'm constantly surprised by the things that other people view as important or relevant.

B.E. Earl said...

No issues...well, none with you anyway. ;)

Just teasing. C' have a frickin' countdown to Spartan clock in yer sidebar. Fer crissakes!

elizabeth said...

aiden - you. know. the. words. hahaha (okay-so do i...)

hullaballoo - why do I get the feeling that if we lived closer we would get ourselves into a heap of trouble?

stace - yeah... I know - terrible isn't it? I was old enough to know better - but I didn't and evidently never did learn. lol.

They are a very religious family - they are the ones who home school their kids so they don't mix with the atheist slime that attend public school ;-)

earl - phew. I thought I was slipping.