Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I was just outside - wandering through the mess of mulberries that has become my patio... I think mother nature just sits back and laughs while the entire outside gets turned purple... along with all of our feet... and of course the floor. Every once and a while I glance outside and see the little old man next door coming and collecting them... they eat them. Which is fine but - well - some of them are a bit gross... and bugs are happy to claim them first - which I don't think he can actually see. I would climb up into the tree to get them for them but that would require several things including me magically overcoming my fear of heights and learning calisthenics.

At the end of next week, my Spartan comes. This means I have started the very methodical obsession with cleaning and organizing my house - and all of the cupboards. Oh - and if he lays down on the kitchen floor he might even notice that the base boards have also been treated to a good scrub. Very important to have shiny baseboards... you just never know.

Also, Roo is about to lose his first tooth. The first of many and depending on how many organized sports he plays - perhaps the first of very many. I remember whooping with joy the first time his baby spoon made a tic tic sound when that little tooth first emerged into his little baby mouth. I think I shall have to do something quite gross with that little treasure - perhaps a necklace? Oooh - or it might be cute to gorilla glue it to a stuffed animal. LOL. Okay. Maybe, I'll just put it in a box. What? I can't throw it away.


limpy99 said...

"and if he lays down on the kitchen floor"

Odds of that happening roughly 1-1.

Odds of him noticing the baseboards at the time, 10,000-1.

B.E. Earl said...

So he's having a bit o' protein in bug form with his mulberry ration.

That dude will probably know how to survive the apocalypse.

Böbø said...

Loving you're care and attention to detail for your Spartan coming. Hullaballoo is pulling out all the stops to make sure I have a safe and comfortable arrival in Scotland on Friday. Have a lovely time together.

Callie said...

Goodness! The baseboards??

Hubby was lucky if I vacuumed. Heck, he's still lucky if I vacuum.

Oh, and you can't throw away the tooth. Although, about 7 years from now, you might wonder why you couldn't, depending on what type of teenager he'll be.

KatW said...

Do you do the tooth fairy thing? My six year old practically rips her wobbly teeth out so that the tooth fairy can replace it with a shiny pound coin. Kat :-)