Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh bow...chicqa chiqa chicka

Just came from the gym. Trying to figure out how to convince more of my friends to come with me so they can spot me on some of the more tricky things... hard to find people who want to be tortured daily and actually enjoy it.

Now I am to begin preparation for the girl's night out on the town. We are going to grab dinner and drinks... and then maybe some more drinks. I am ridiculously excited about this. Have no idea why... I think mayhaps it's been too long a spell for me in between such evenings. One of the best bits is that I will be leaving the house - not sporting yoga gear. Hooaw.

Lucky for me there appear on the horizon - a couple of such events. One of my friends is getting hitched at the end of August so there will be some fun in a couple of weeks in preparation for such a momentous event... and maybe even some tiny little sandwiches filled with cucumbers. Then - when I am at my other home many miles away - there is a spa night to ready for with my BFF. A pedicure and some wine - and then meeting up with Spartan and her hubby to continue the festivities. *JOY*

Okay... off to begin the plucking of the eyebrows and hairstyling. This time I will endeavour to try to leave the part of the eyebrow that is meant to be left in place... and try to figure out where I keep the clothes that do not fall into the workout category.


KatW said...

Nothing like a good girly night! Enjoy! Oh and I agree with caution on the eyebrow plucking -I over plucked a while back and ended up looking like a freak. Eye liner shading isn't effective eyebrow replacement at close range!! LOL
Kat :-)

lotus07 said...

Just be sure to pick a designated driver......

sprinkle4 said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! Yummmmmm.....cucumber sandwiches are AWESOME!!

You are incredibly fortunate to have a girl entourage.....that must be so cool. All I have are boys...all the loud talking, and ogling the opposite sex, and scratching and belching....and the guys can get rowdy too:)

Enjoy yourself, drink responsibly or at least don't wind up in Tijuana wondering how you got there!

Slyde said...

"then meeting up with Spartan and her hubby"

yuck! and all this time i thought spartan was a man! and she's MARRIED!

You hussy!

elizabeth said...

OMG. No - that came out wrong... my BFF and I are meeting up with our significant others. Who are both male... glad I got to clear that up. ;-)