Sunday, November 27, 2005

Grunt - Coffee taste good

Hello jellyfishes,

I am currently recovering from too much wine by furiously gulping my coffee. This coffee was poured into my TIGGER mug in a vain attempt to feel bouncy and cheerful while I ponder tackling what appears to be a 1/8th scale recreation of the Himalean mountains in my laundry room. (I think my towels must be extra fluffy this week or something...)

We have entered the first official chili competition at our neighbor's house today. We started this chili concoction sometime yesterday morning and is still cooking it... apparently that has something to do with making it taste really good... ? I'm not sure people normally put into chili some of the things I think I saw in there but - add enough chili powder to anything and it will taste chili-licious. Hope we win the trophy - it's really funny. It is made out of things you would normally find in a kitchen (ie, measuring cup, silver bowl etc) and the end result looks something like... the graycup. Ahhhh, now I get it. (Better up the coffee dose...a bit slow on the uptake am I) - (and now I also sound like Yoda).

And now for my review of the new HARRY POTTER movie. Well I am officially the biggest geek I know.... I keep trying to attend Hogwarts but no one ever answers my application. Some people says it's because it doesn't exist in "real life". Cha shows what you know you dirty muggles.... I still wear my Griffindor colours and hope that the sorting hat agrees with my selection. For the time being though I try to keep up with my friends by seeing the movies as quickly as possible. This year I was lucky enough to go on opening day.... truly - a great movie. The best yet. Would love to see it again. (Also, this makes me feel weird just thinking it but - Daniel Radcliffe is turning into a bit of a hottie. I mean - he is still really young but - the beginnings of a very handsome young man are glimsed in this movie. I am sure that young girls everyone will swoon over him soon enough)

PLEASE GO SEE THIS MOVIE. (if you haven't seen the other movies rent them or - my dearest and closest friends are welcome to borrow my copies...)

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your Sunday and I'll be back tomorrow - if I don't come back... send the search party into the laundry room first.


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Kat said...

oooohh a chili contest!
I've always wanted to enter one of those!
Talk to you tomorrow silly girl ;o)