Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Red Neck St.NIck

Hello fellow bloggers - how goes it?
I have just returned from the Annual Caledonia Santa Claus Parade.
It was - at best - a unique attempt to ahhh the crowds.... (but lots of people brought their dogs so the kids were entertained nonetheless).
One image in particlar begs to be shared... that of the slovenly garbed pony leading man - unshaven with a classy cigarrette stuck to his lower lip and his pony pulling a somewhat dilapidated pony cart dragging along what I can only assume was his equally unshaven wife (?). Meanwhilst the pony slammed it's nose up the mans buttocks at regular 3 second intervals to move him along. All three cheerfully donned their respective Santa hats making it all that more festive to behold.
Not too far behind our little pony troop was the lawn tractor pulling a childs radio flyer wagon with a tent of bristol board advertising some obscure community group - I would tell you what it was but it was too small to read from the side of the road... but it did have some sparkly xmas themed decorations added to liven it up a bit.
Heading up the parade was the traditional fire truck - blasting all the little ones ears to bits with the sirens and horns - all children 3 and under simultaniously burst into a chorus of sobs to the tune of the children's highly trained trumpet band that I think may have been playing the theme from Jaws (?).
The grand finalle was Santa with his trusted elf alongside waving a merry xmasing the last three remaining Caledonians.
Can't wait till next year - won't you all come out and join us?

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Anonymous said...

Literary gold. This is really funny.