Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why do holidays have to happen to good people too?

I am grumpy today. I was one of those disillusioned people who thought I could do the xmas shopping effectively and get it done early this year (I never learn). I am not done at all and don't know what to get my Dad or my Grandfather. (Any ideas?). I tried to go to the mall and wander around hoping I would be inspired - I'll know it when I see it - that idea. That just does not work 4 weeks before Christmas. People are becoming less and less cheerful the closer the big day gets. This will all go by the wayside once shopping is complete and family dinners and gift exchanges commence but in the meantime - people are just rude and mean around the holidays. I mean people actually speed up to cut you off and glare at you if you have an ioda of cheerfulness about you. Everybody sucks at Christmas. That inspires me - I am about to invent a song for the holidays...
(to the 'Jingle Bells' tune)
Dashing to the mall in my silver mini-van
down the aisles we go - try not to hit that man!
Ring tones on cell phones sing - making people jump,
What fun it is to see them all in their cheery Christmas slump.
Shopping Malls, Shopping Malls filled with grumpy folk.
Oh what fun it is to shop and walk through clouds of smoke (by the doors lol) Hey Shopping malls Shopping Malls filled with screaming kids
might make sense to try ebay outdoing others bids...
Ah well - maybe next year.
See yall tomorrow, Liz

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