Saturday, November 26, 2005


Ah - the quiet.
Friday November 25, 2005

My first official BLOG. (Don't worry i know its out of order... this comes third but it was really my first... long story...)
*sniff* Welcome all - sit back and enjoy my thoughts awhile...I have snuck away during naptime and should be doing many other things right now... but I am not.This - my friends - is an important day. One month to x-mas - yes...but also the day I found out that the dollar store sells disney wrapping paper. No small thing when one considers how often I will have to wrap birthday party and xmas presents for disney worshippers over the next several years. Oh yes... a big day.Daily news comments... the Dead Sea is dying. Hmmmm. Okay then. Not kidding people... it is drying up. This, however, is a dead topic. (Smack! Just got hit by a brick of cheese.... ho hum on I go...)Website for the day
Please advise me of any topics you wish to discuss in the future via blog. So we'll have cawfee, we'll tawk. Like butta. Liz

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