Saturday, January 06, 2007

Finally uploaded some pictures from the Dominican...

I'll start off by telling you a little tale about The Cannelloni. We went to an Italian restaurant one fine evening in the Dominican. There were several "theme" restaurants that we had the pleasure of visiting whilst there. In this particular restaurant - my darling friend ordered The Cannelloni.

Many a reader is familiar with this common dish. It starts out with a noodle - wrapped around meat or cheese. It is then smothered in sauce and served to the hungry patron. Sometimes - they even add antennae. (?) The problem here was... somehow they forgot the noodle. I don't know how this is possible - but I assure you it was done. Yes, the only pasta in this traditional pasta dish were the feelers you see here (that ended up on my head at some point during the evening). The rest of the plate was filled with cheese, sauce and um... mashed potatoes.

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