Saturday, January 06, 2007

This is sushi. This is the bride eating sushi. Some kind of fun.

These people are just plainly drunk. Crazy drunkards.

Here is the beach at sunrise. This was just before a rogue wave attacked me. It was as thought the ocean spit at me. Surprising since everything around me was perfectly dry. Kind of like Mother Nature's idea of a practical joke.

I ordered the Goat Cheese au gratin with peanuts and Money... still policing for the money. "Easy but fabulous!" "The best invention since wheel"
The menus were are whole other level of funny. We were usually "easily amused" by dinner so this always struck us as ridiculously amusing.

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Mark said...

"The menus were are whole other level of funny."

Sounds like they had an unintended consequence on your own grammar as well.