Saturday, April 05, 2008

Just back from a lovely weekend of Sparanesque adventures. Always fun. Clearly. But everytime I come back down to earth - the ground feels a little harder ;-) A bunch more wonderful memories tucked up safely into my heart to replay in slow movie-like fashion in my head.

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. It feels like spring. I may even do some yard work today after the gym. Though... that might be a tad ambitious. Once I get back I just might want to soak up some rest in a slothlike ball on the couch... eating chocolate. Okay. No chocolate. But I can still pretend I'm eating chocolate. Indeed, I'm going to pretend that I live in a chocolate universe where everything is chocolate... for the next 57 days... then I'm actually going to eat a lifesize chocolate bunny. Or maybe several. ;-) Maybe even a little town of them... and maybe the entire chocolate bunny village where they live...actually... after all that work I probably won't. But it's worth a thought ;-)

Off to pump iron. Then home to wander about the house singing Moonriver at the top of my lungs for a few hours. Then... maybe I'll sigh happily looking at pictures of my favorite people, eat some dinner, watch some tv and go to bed.


Böbø said...

That ground does feel so hard. Hullaballoo and I snatched an evening together on Friday (decided upon on Friday morning in the spur of the moment because we were both pinning and facing ANOTHER weekend apart).

But for the magic of walking along the beach in the warm spring evening sunshine, there is the hard landing afterwards.

Memories are very good, but no substitute for holding / being held.

elizabeth said...

It's the bittery-sweetest feeling in the world. But so nice to feel love and be loved isn't it?