Monday, April 07, 2008

Okay people. My new challenge; to do a pullup unassisted.

There is something to be said for saying out loud in a room full of people (this being the room - you being the people) that makes you somehow slightly more committed to the goal. So in effect, I am using you guys to be my own personal cheering section. ;-)

As most of you know, I have become increasingly addicted to the gym over the past year and a bit, the last 6 months in particular. (This is by far a better addiction than my highschool addiction to coffee and happy meals - so I've come a long way.)

Not only can I now complete a guy push up - I can do three sets of 10. A far cry from not being able to do even one of them last summer. This makes my new goal seem possible.

Recently, I saw a woman do a set of pull ups and I thought, "Self, you could look that cool too.". I know that it is commonly acknowledged that women can't generally do pullups. Pasha. If she can - I can. So, when Spartan and I were working out one day I told him that I wanted to master the pull up. Being ever so supportive he marches me over to the pull up bar and encourages me to try. I fail - MISERABLY. But that won't deter me - I am driven. Instead we redirect our idea over to the Gravitron. This allows assisted pullups. I think I managed to do pull ups less 70-80 pounds of my body weight. I felt like a wimp - that isn't even 50% of my mass. But I kept at it. So now - NOW - a few short weeks later I am able to do three sets at 60 pounds and on my first set - this is where the magic happens - I am able to do 2 of them at 50 pounds. This might not seem like a huge accomplishment - but to me it is. You don't climb a mountain all at once.

Now each day I am at the gym - I eye the Gravitron warily and approach it with the stealth of a predator in the hopes that if it is more afraid of me than I am of it - it will help me progress toward my goal. I don't know if this is working - but it sure as hell provides entertainment to the other gym rats.

I have given myself 8 weeks to get there, which I hope is enough time. The eight weeks is because that is when we hit the beach and I want to look good and feel good. Good and strong. Which is why I am also aiming to have a four pack - maybe even the suggestion of a six pack. I figure if I up my ab exercises slightly this can be achieved no problem. I wanna look like those girls on the cover of the fitness magazines. It would help a bit if I axed about 4 pounds as well. (If I don't get there on my own, I am going to paint them on. Cuz after doing this many sit ups and not eating deep fried food - I deserve it. lol.) 4 pounds might not seem like a lot - but my bmi is pretty low and my eating is pretty healthy so it will take some work. I'm going to up my running an extra 10 minutes 4 times a week as well - so that should help.

This is where you guys come in; I am going to report my progress to you all - and you have to cheer me on. I won't make you do it every day... just once a week. Sound alright? I think it will help.

In between, I will still entertain you with my usual pointless banter. (And no Earl and Slyde - I won't post before and after pics, LOL)

Cheers. Have a happy Monday!!


Slyde said...

I know you can do it! keep it up!

Who knows? if we can get you doing a push up, next we can work on earl...

Seraphine said...

Are pullups the same as doughnuts?
The best way to learn to do chin-ups is to do negative chins. You start in the full chin-up position and lower yourself in a controlled manner. After a few weeks of negative chins, you should be able to do a regular chin up. Word.
I like setting goals for myself. Like after learning to do chin-ups, I'd reward myself with a chocolate-covered pullup.

Paige Stanton said...

Good luck with the chin ups! I have a question for you, how did you make that Meez of Spartan, did you do it under your own account or did you set up another one for him?

elizabeth said...

Slyde - okay. But in his case a before and after is imperative.

Seraphine - well... no chocolate covered pullups for me for the next couple of months... but when I finally manage one on the bars I just might have to!

Paige - I actually had to set up another account - under a different email. Kind of a pain - but lucky for me I have four accounts. LOL. To keep it easy - I used the same password ;-)

Jahooni said...

Where have I been and why have i missed so much on your blog?! shoot.

I need to get back into the gym thing. I pay every month to Bally's and well that's it... i pay the bill. sad isn't it?

i read down and loved the post with your hair styles. that looks fun. :)

elizabeth said...

Jahooni- well never matter - yer back at it ;-))

Try the hair thing. Seriously.

lotus07 said...

Thank god for the Gravitron.......

B.E. Earl said...

Hey...what's going on here?

elizabeth said...

lotus - indeed

earl - whatever do you mean?