Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Okay. What the heck is with my yard?

I walked outside and my cat had caught this. The cat has injured her wing. She can still hop-fly but when I attempted to put her up in the tree she sat there a while and then fell out. Our cat - or someone's will eat her if she can't fly. She's feisty. I had to catch her hopping along the ground and then she bit me all over. So... here goes me messing with mother nature again. I put her in the greenhouse in a bird cage. Maybe if she rests overnight she will be able to fly.

Otherwise I'm going to have to mush up worms and feed them to her and hope that her wing heals with a little cage rest. I hate worms... unless they are part of a yummy dessert I have heard of... just ask my Spartan...

Take three gummy worms and place in the bottom of a bowl.
Cover generously with chocolate pudding and top with crumbled up
oreo cookie crumbs = "Worms in dirt".
Great for when you have the boss or mother in law over for dinner or are entertaining new neighbours.


Paige Stanton said...

Aw.... poor thing. Worms and Dirt! That's my favourite!

Anonymous said...

awww, what a wee cutie, you are such a good mom.


elizabeth said...

man... she eats a LOT of worms. I have a feeling I'll be spending several hours a day digging in the dirt for this thing...

Seraphine said...

Aww it's nice that you are trying to help. Keep the bird warm, don't put it in a breezy area and give it lots of fresh water. Hopefully, it's just a strain.
Worms in mud. Erm... if I liked gummy worms, it'd be ok.