Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My kid is a stud. He kissed the girl across the street. He's 6. She's 9. OH MY. It was only on the cheek but - still. I didn't think that I would need to even start thinking about this kind of thing for at least a couple of years.

Next time she wants to come over and play - think it would be over the top if I played pirates too? I think she might have to walk the plank. Little temptress.


B.E. Earl said...

He's on the fast track to learning about women. Go for the older ones first. ;)

lotus07 said...

It might be time to consider having 'the talk' with him. They grow up faster than we did.

C said...

My son (7 yrs old) checks out girls in other cars and then tells me they are pretty. The last one he pointed out was the driver and had to be at least 20 years old.

Jahooni said...

OMGOSH, Kate comes home yesterday from school and was kinda shy all night with me. Then the phone rings. I answered.

The voice on the other line: "Who is this?"

Me: "Well Who IS THIS?"

Voice: "This is Katelyn's girlfriend."

Me: "Are you a boy or a girl?"

Voice: "Boy"

Me: "And you are her Girlfriend?"

Voice: "Yes... girlfriend.. i mean boyfriend, is Katelyn there?"

Me: "Ummmm Kate, you have a call and make it short."

Kate: "Hi Aaron!" **giggles** plops down on the couch. (I am around the corner listening...)

Kate: "I am watching Hannah Montana and you?"

she flips the station to Cody 101 or something. I watch. I listen.

she giggles. they talk about school and what they are watching...

she is 8.

they hang up.

she brings me the phone and says that was Aaron and he asked me on a date. she says that he wants to go to dinner.

Me: grabbed the phone. hung it up and put her to bed telling her that she is in 2nd grade and that dinners come at age 25!

serioulsy. that is my story.
your son kissed a girl.

may the gods look down on me and keep us safe! ;)~

Slyde said...

high five for the little man!

he's well on the way to becomming a stud like me :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww bless their little cotton socks.


Anonymous said...

Re the Meez, aww are you feeling broody honeybear?

A Day in the Life of the Boon's said...

We will have to make sure Taylor stays in her own room when he comes to visit. "I have my eye on your little Focker kid". (tell him Aunty gives him a high five)

elizabeth said...

earl - I don't know... I like OLDER men... about 5 years older to be exact. ;-)

lotus - I know - I feel it looming... I think I'll just buy him a book. (Not a playboy EARL and SLYDE). I've given him a very brief explanation... I was hoping that's all I would ever have to do. LOL.

c - awwww. It was me actually. You think I look about 20? Why bless your heart ;-))

Jahooni - that made me laugh and laugh. And then I had to tell my mother and she did too!

Slyde - exactly. Just what I want.

Hullaballoo - It is pretty cute... but I have a feeling it leads to things that I'm not quite prepared for just yet... I shall have to make a stop at the bookstore and sort out some parenting books... lol. Oh- and (poor Spartan - he was wondering about that as well, I'm afraid) the wee girl is because my friend had a baby girl yesterday morning...

Boon - you have a pre teen on your hands. That has to be worse. Good luck with that - lol. xo

elizabeth said...

PS Boon - the computer isn't bed. Get in there and cook that kid.