Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kids are yucky...

After months of trials and tribulations, my parents have finally returned their lovely sail boat home. I have to admit that I am kind of excited at the prospect of sailing once again; it's been many years. And what a way to return to it; a 40 foot boat complete with lots of places to sun myself and get a suntan.

Yesterday, I took the kids to see it. They love it, of course. Babs was like a little monkey; I imagine they will have her up in the rigging in no time. I can't wait to teach them how to sail a boat. It's so much fun.

I decided to leave the Babs there while I returned home to await Roo's bus and then returned there with him as well. They enjoyed their visit and it was hard to get them to leave. I eventually got them home; full of cheesies and hot dogs - not our usual dinner items by far but since the boat it limited as of yet it was all there was.

They were exhausted after all of the excitement (Babs spotted Nemo in the water near the docks) and they went to bed without a peep. I followed not long afterwards. At 1:30 am I awoke to shrieking of the *death is imminent variety* - I leapt from the bed fully prepared to open up a can of ninja on whatever was causing Babs to scream. When I entered her room she was sobbing hysterically. When I reached for her I was swiftly covered in hot baby sick.

This is the best part of parenting. It prepares you for things you never thought you could stomach. (Pun intended.) But despite that fact - even whilst covered in sick, you must still manage to soothe the poor patient and assure her that the beloved bunny will be right as rain after a short run around the washing machine.

I stripped the bed, stuffed animals, pillows and clothing and remade it all in record time. I cleaned her little face and had her rinse out her mouth, returned her to bed and bent down to bestow a wee kiss upon her little tear stained face - and realized that her hair was full of vomit... a trip back to the bathroom - a stiffled gag - and a shampoo in the sink and she was finally clean. I, however, still had to strip my clothes and bleach myself from head to foot to get rid of the smell ... since at that point if I caught a whiff of it I would surely vomit myself...

I love kids, they fill life with all kinds of smiles and laughter - but also with the occasional throw up... kids are cute, but yucky.


KatW said...

Oh the scent of baby sick! The exclusive aroma of 'Mum'. But they do fill your life with laughter (often the kind that's closer to hysteria). Life is never dull or boring. Just sleep deprived and manic LOL

I like your blog. It makes me giggle.

Kat :-)

white rabbit said...

Wait until they are teenagers...


sprinkle4 said...

LOL....reminds me of my youngest son Jakob. Sitting on the back porch and he walks up to me and just spews....and proceeds to turn round and round in a circle until he is done. Maximum coverage, minimum effort:) Only took a couple of hours to clean him up, wash the dog, spray the porch off and keep from hurling all at the same time.

I love kids! They are the sweetest, grossest things that God has ever created.:)

elizabeth said...

kat - welcome to the blog! Close to hysteria - you pinned it down there. Hope you stick around - we could use a kat round here ;-)

white rabbit - nope. I don't do teenagers... where is that pamphlet for boarding school?

sprinkle - that's awesome. Don't you just wonder what ever happened to the days when you only had to worry about yourself? And you actually thought it was tough? LOL

Callie said...

Oh, yeah. I know that feeling.

Wanna know what's better? When your youngest walks into your bedroom, wakes you up, tells you she doesn't feel well, and then vomits on YOUR bed.

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Hope she's feeling better!

Slyde said...

is it wrong that, even tho this is a story about puke, when you said that you stripped off your clothes, i got all hot and tingly?

B.E. Earl said...

I can't handle vomit.

Even cat vomit.

limpy99 said...

It's amazing how fast I can change my kids' beds when they throw up in them. Even more amazing than how willing I am to sleep in my own vomit after too many beers at the local bar.

What, too much?

Anonymous said...

I had one of my most vivid and memorable instalment dreams during the course of a night when both boys were sick several times. Strange but true. I stopped to write it in my journal in between cleaning and howling fests. The dream actually foretold the fact that I would separate from my husband, or maybe it was the fact that the lazy arse didn't even get up to help.

I found it helpful to coach them to hurl into a nappy sack, it's so much more civilised.

Parenting is bloody hard work - especially when you are on call during the night. You are a great mum, Elizabeth.



elizabeth said...

callie - my god daughter did that to me when she was two... and I still had my own kids - go figure.

slyde - no - it just shows how far into parenthood you've fallen

earl - you get used to it

limpy - I'm with you on that one

hullaballoo - that made me laugh and laugh!