Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There were so many funny and happy and wonderful things about this trip that it is hard to know where to begin.

We got there and it was dark already, we stopped to have a Pina Colada and met our first of the inhabitants of the island; a little crab who lived in the rocks beside the pool.The next day when we woke up, I opened up the curtains and right there in front of me was paradise. I wandered around for a bit with my hands out in front of me expecting the bubble to burst - but it didn't. So I ventured forth. I was in search of coffee but somehow ended up playing in a tide pool and catching baby goby fish in a cup - which I had to run back and show Spartan and explain why I hadn't found the coffee just yet. I went to return the wee fishies and was nearly attacked by a moray eel who had made his home right there in the tide pool - I was about an inch away from him before I leapt backwards. I might add - not really usual to find them there. Anyhoo, I eventually found coffee and we began day one of our daily rituals of sitting on the patio feeding lizards and birds. Did you know that lizards are a fan of pastry? Yogurt? It was so much fun.

Spartan had never before experienced the underwater world of the ocean so we had planned to get him out snorkeling. He got used to the idea lightening fast and out we ventured. It was amazing. He was a natural. We saw so many incredible fish and coral. He turned into a merman; I couldn't get him to leave the water. It was great.

There were hardly any other people there and we had the entire beach to ourselves for an entire day. We also had this incredible dinner at the hotel restaurant and there was only three other people in the entire place. The food was amazing and - well - the company couldn't have been better. I kept thinking... I am sitting in paradise with the handsomest most wonderful man in the world ---- but in the end I didn't have to pinch myself to see if it was real.... read on...

One day, I decided we should have an adventure. We rented a car and drove to a beach that was known for being really amazing snorkeling. It was in a cove so the water was calm, the day was perfect. Despite all odds, we managed to find our way to the beach. The directions were like this;

Drive up to the end of left and turn left. You will pass a store and keep driving. Go 3/4 of the traffic loop. You will pass windmills. (etc. etc. It went on and on - all nonsensical with no road signs at all and ended with -- ) When you see sun bon bini beach abao follow that road.

It took us all the way to the other side of the island. Somehow Spartan used his spidy senses to track down the spot we were supposed to be - I'll never really understand how he did it.

Once we got there we prepared to jump into the water. When I got about thigh deep - I yelped "Ouch! Something bit me!"

Spartan gave me one of those "very funny" looks.

I said, "No. Really. Something did." But I didn't seem to be losing blood or anything so in we went. I kept feeling little pinches. Some of them down right painful. I thought maybe I was having some kind of reaction to the sun lotion I was wearing. But after about twenty minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. I looked up at Spartan. He looked at me. He had this slightly concerned expression. I checked. He was feeling it too. Maybe we should get the hell out of the water. We exited quickly. Once we got onto the beach, I looked down at my arm. It was covered in rapidly worsening welts almost like bee stings. Spartan too. Lovely.

Just what you want on your first romantic beach get away together. We work out and tan, find the perfect james bondesque girl bathing suit and try to look your best only to be descended upon by an army of tiny stinging almost microscopic parasitic creatures that make you look like you were attacked by a hive of bees or contracted chicken pox. The best bit was, nobody spoke english so we really hadn't a clue what was going on. We did, however, manage to ascertain that we would not die and they would go away eventually. It was like listening to broken dutch with the odd english word thrown in for good measure, such as "venom" and "worm". We were also advised to find something for the itch that may happen later. Mmmmmmk. This isn't a picture of us, but this is a picture I found on the Internet of someone who went through the same thing...

Evidently, they are the larvae of tiny jelly fish or sea anemones. High five! Liz will no longer be in charge of planning day trips on our little adventures.

It was a good test, however. I now know that Spartan remains calm at all times and was fully prepared to pee on me if I asked him to. If that's not true love, what is? (it neutralizes the venom)

So, now... I have hit the brick wall of reality full force. I am home. I miss Spartan. The best part of the entire week really wasn't where I was - it was really who I was with. I've certainly never felt that way before about a vacation.
Tomorrow - I will fully explain the wall lettuce confrontation. It WAS lettuce and indeed it WAS on a wall... which eventually came sailing down and thwapped me in the head during our dinner experience... which in and of itself was filled with fun. You can dress me up...


Slyde said...

welcome back! sounds like my kind of vacation... give me a white beach and cocktails and im SO there....

where did you guys go again?

Böbø said...

Yeah, that brick reality wall thing is a bum. It's always the who, not the where.

But lovely recollections of a lovely time, if we draw a veil over the whole jelly fish larvae thing.

B.E. Earl said...

I would pee on you if you asked me.

Just for the kicks.

Böbø said...

Awwwww, the jellyfish sound like a bonding experience.

So sorry you are feeling sad, it's normal to feel poopy after a wonderful holiday.

Glad to see you back again though.


Paige Stanton said...

Good to have you back, sounds like you have a wonderful trip! Also I LOVE that quote you have at the bottom of your blog!

sprinkle4 said...


Number two: a man that would pee on you and not for his own pleasure?? Now, THAT is a keeper!

Tamara said...

Would you pee on him?

Sounds amazing. So are you already plotting when next you'll see him?

limpy99 said...

You know what works well on those jelly-fish bites?


Callie said...

Glad you had a good time (except for the larvae, naturally).

Glad you're back!

elizabeth said...

slyde - heaven (Curacao)

bobo - actually, the whole jelly fish thing was a good test - always find the positive I say... ;-)

earl - of course you would

hullaballoo incognito - you were right, it kind of was...

paige - thanks! We really did. I love that quote - it's so true!

sprinkle - he's a keeper... even if he peed on me by accident. LOL. (he didn't)

tamara - totally. If he had a sting or hit the fire coral - I'd pee on him but quick (it hurts!)

Next adventure has been plotted for in and about 4 weeks *happy clapping*

limpy - SERIOUSLY? Well that sounds better than pee in any event...

callie - I'd say it was good to be back - but that would only be true if Spartan was with me. It was an amazing time though... like a dream.