Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thwamping Lettuce and Other Foibles...

Feeling adventurous, Spartan and I asked our friendly cab driver if there was a restaurant he might recommend. He very promptly and excitedly said yes, that indeed there was and he could make a reservation right now - he went on to insist that if we didn't love the food he would foot the bill.

We arrived at this quirky place, filled with interesting and unique wall decor -such as the coveted plastic vegetable wall arrangement including a large plastic lettuce. So. Not. Kidding. All joking aside, it was obvious that they had worked very hard to create a nice environment.

When we first sat down, I told Spartan that I myself have many times considered slapping Babs toy plastic food on the wall - voila! - instant art. We chuckled a bit and ordered some wine.

The wine was brought and the waiter went about trying to uncork it. Both Spartan and I surmised very quickly that it was a twist off top but - we very subtly looked the other way while he spent about 10 minutes trying to uncork it. Once he figured it out - we acted as though we hadn't a clue what had transpired and ordered our dinner.

Dinner arrived and each plate contained enough food to have fed a family of 4. We have no idea how the people who live there aren't all well over 300 pounds. It was delicious!

Part way through the meal - and all the way through the bottle of wine - I was trying to describe how a snorkel worked using my fork to aid the illustration. When I did this - I accidentally forked the wall lettuce thereby dislodging it and send it careening into my head.

At this point - we couldn't contain our laughter. I pointed out to Spartan that - he picked me... because of my specialness. I very quickly returned the wall lettuce to it's place in the arrangement, fixed my hair and acted as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred....

Then, I went to the bathroom. (All it needed to spruce it up was some wall lettuce) Let me give to you, my dear bloggers, an illustration of that adventure;

It was fantastic. The food was amazing, the laughter was ridiculous and the company was enchanting. I hope we get to go back there one day... and that perhaps I don't have need of the facilities ;-)


B.E. Earl said...

Now I understand the wall lettuce!

Thanks for following up.

Böbø said...

Glad to see that while you're in heaven, while you're being attacked by plastic vegetables, while you're performing amateur dramatics with a folk, you still keep the presence of mind to snap a loo for our future blog entertainment.

Thanks for always thinking of our merriment!

elizabeth said...

earl - couldn't leave you hanging (lol)

bobo - always thinking about you guys... well not ALWAYS. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Coooool, plastic vegetables. Perhaps I could get the boys to eat them as they are turning up their noses as the real thing.

I will never forget the concept of a wall lettuce lol lol.

You are soo funny, honeybear. I hope that writing down the memories is helping the holiday to stay with you a little longer.



Tamara said...

LMAO! Sounds like something I'd do. So nice when it happens to someone else instead ;-)

elizabeth said...

hullaballoo - thanks my dear! Yes, recounting the memories makes it last just a little bit longer...

tamara - isn't it though! I know that feeling - which is why I laugh so hard when someone else does something similar... ;-)