Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The rain in spain falls mainly on the plains

It is raining and raining and raining here. And not just a light drizzle - a full on storm every few minutes. This makes it fun because it appears to be stopping so you go outside - you know to get to the car - and it inevitably starts up again with ferocity the minute you reach the halfway mark. Nice. And of course - the curly hair goes mental in weather like this so I look like a lion. Double nice.

And all of this lovely weather happens to be the week that Kat is away camping.... wonder if she brought a towel...or a boat? (see what you get for leaving your friend Lizzie behind??) But seriously - gotta give a pregnant woman with a 2 year old credit for braving the elements. She rocks. My style of camping involves egyptian cotton and chocolate mints on my pillow every night. (and there is a place like this I assure you - Carrie I still think we need to go here) I used to be able to camp - but then that incident with the racoon happened and I have never been the same. And then there was the guy on the motorcycle who was camping with his girlfriend and gave me the note that said he wanted to "meat" me. That was special. Special enough it made all the girls laugh until we almost peed.

So in leui of a camping trip I decided to go out west for my girls stagette in Whistler - I just have to wait until Oct (so not exactly summer vacation but close enough). This is the same gal I'm the maid of honour for in the Dominican in Dec. (case you're keeping notes). So this will be some fun times. Plan on drinking bellini's to my hearts content. (ask Carrie what she can sculpt out of a bellini folks).


Slyde said...

campings not really my thing either, im afraid.

I've tried it once, and for what its worth had more fun than i thought i would have, but i had THOUGHT i'd fucking hate it, so in the end that isnt saying much.....

b.e. earl said...

Camping rules!

Except for the humidity, the deer ticks, the lousy sanitation, the white trash camping next to you, the rain (and subsequent mud), that thing moving around outside your tent late at night, the snakes, the horse-flies, your family, and a whole list of other treats.

Besides that...camping rules!

Kat said...

Anyone who sweeps the campground belongs in a hotel LOL!

You're so sweet...but I'm not leaving till tomorrow morning. I'll bring some extra towels just so you don't worry too much. And hey, I'd love to go to that spa place any day. But holy shit is it beaucoup de bucks! That better be some mint they're leaving on my pillow. Heck. I want the whole damn box. Forget it. I want shares in the chocolate factory.

See you when I get back.

elizabeth said...

slyde - good for you for at least trying lol

earl - exactly

Kat - Oh sorry - thought you'd gone...yeah it's not cheap - but that includes the flight in so it's not that bad. One of those once in a life time things, ya know? Like the huts over the water in bora bora... one day.... sigh...

If I win the lottery you all get to go for free.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yes, the hair - my hair gets so entangled instead of dreadlocks I just have the one lock - sort of troll head doll coming out of the tent.

See, some biker guy gives me a note about wanting to "meat" me - I tend to repond with loud shouting of "Can you pass me the shells for my sawed off shotgun?" Just so he gets the point. (Note to self - get shotgun)

Have fun in Whistler!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Beth.

Yeah - I'm kind of out in your neck of the woods hey?

Yes - the sawed off shot gun comment would have been funny. But - watch out for those shotguns when they kick back - I almost dislocated my shoulder with one of those.

badgerdaddy said...

There was me thinking that might be about Spain! Later today I leave for an overnight near the airport then I'm off to Barcelona in the morning, followed by Vitoria later in the week then back to sunny Bungay on Thursday.
Such fun is the life of me!
My suitcase isn't big enough to cope with five days away! Have to leave my running crap and be selective with which books I take...
Christ, I'm rambling and it has nothing to do with anything here. I need a fucking blog!

Kat said...

...and when (not if) I win the lottery we'll go there every year...twice :o)

See you tomorrow!

funchilde said...

i would like to meat you too! but seeing as how you are in canada that would be quite a feet! i do however love to camp-with and without racoons!