Monday, July 17, 2006

Things That Are Bad

Being hit on by a married man.
Being thrown up on by a two year old.
Having your finger slammed in a door.
Drinking sour milk.
Missing your friends.
Getting grease on a favorite outfit - and trying to get it out of daughter's hair.
Forgetting your cell phone on the charger.
Having a tummy ache.
and having a magic 8 ball predict nothing good for the rest of your life.
and all in the last week. Yay me.

....But then again - nos so bad because;
Getting hit on could be viewed as a compliment,
I love that two year old,
She didn't mean to do it (she was helping Mummy),
At least I have milk to drink whereas some people are starving,
I have friends to miss,
It made me laugh and it will wash out eventually,
I'm lucky enough to have a cell phone,
At least someone is there to hear me complain about my tummy,
I don't believe in magic 8 balls anyways.

Sigh. Trying to see the glass as half full makes me happy.


Kat said...

luv u Lizzy!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Glass isn't half empty or half full - its FULL OF POISON!!! RUN!!!!

george86 said...

getting hit on by a married man is better than getting hit on by a HOMELESS man as I was the last time I was in vancouver! Its like "hey wheres your teeth???"

george86 said...

im gonna go blog about that right now!

elizabeth said...

Another reason it's not so bad - all you guys -- lol

Slyde said...

"Being hit on by a married man."

ouch! good thing i read that before i sent you that 2 page private email i stayed up all night writing.... :(

b.e. earl said...

When life gives you sour milk...well, throw that shit out.

Smells bad and it probably gave you the tummy ache!

Silly girl.

Jennifer said...

:) Miss you too Griffith... was thinking about you this week. Let's set up a date for the casino, k?

elizabeth said...

Why, I'd never say no to that =^D (does that remind anyone of Fido Dido?)
Call me...

Kat said...

Oh hey jenny. Not seen you in a while neither.

elizabeth said...

Hi Kath - how the heck are ya? What now my blog is for you to have conversations with people??!! (Oh - alright. But just say hi to me while your at it)

Kat said...

hi liz

elizabeth said...

Hi Kath

wv- ooohnm (doing some meditation via blogger)