Saturday, February 10, 2007

You had me at hello.....

Another crazy Linda story. This appears to be a blog dedicated to the fun and foibles of another... but I promise I'll come back to make fun of myself soon. This is just too good to pass up...

Everyone at some point in their life has a "tag" line. A phrase delivered at an opportune moment that is like something out of a movie - some are witty enough or lucky enough to have many. It comes as no surprise that Linda has accomplished this feat within months of knowing her. I'm sure it will be a continuing theme in our friendship - in fact there might be new weekly feature; "Linda's weekly phrase".

Last week we were sitting in on a trial. The judge made an exception and allowed us to remain there, though it was usually a closed courtroom. He addressed our class in between items that came up on the docket and was very encouraging.

Now Linda, how do I put this.... is known for speaking her mind. She probably does this in her sleep more effectively than most. She likes to talk. It must have killed her to sit quietly for the entire morning while we were there. At one point when the judge addressed us it was to ascertain if in fact - we would be able to remain for the duration of what appeared to be a relatively long trial. Linda pipes up at this point and says, "You have ME until one o'clock." with a little smile. The courtroom is silent - all eyes back and forth between the judge and Linda, like a tennis match, mouths paused in little "o's". The judge shifts at the bench, blushes, clears his throat - giggles and proceeds to say, "I should hold you in contempt!". The courtroom explodes with laughter.

I believe that I might buy shirts for the class with that line on the front...the judges line on the back.


Mark said...

Fucking CLASSIC!

I love Linda. She ren=minds me of our friend Katherine (also Hispanic - she's the one who taught me about mad shady...) Does she have a blog???

elizabeth said...

She is sooo funny! Unfortunately Linda stories (for the time being) will only be featured on my blog - I haven't mananged to convince her to start her own yet.

Good for me though.... lots of material,LOL.

B.E. Earl said...

I have a friend, Maria, who is just like that.

Great stuff.