Tuesday, January 08, 2008

AHRGH. Email isn't working. That makes me mad. Like an injured animal mad.

I don't usually reveal such things but - today I am frustrated with my life - we all have days like that I suppose. Today is mine. I have no right to feel sorry for my lot in life. AT ALL. Yet, here I am today doing just that. Anyone have any words of wisdom out there? Give em up. Or tell me to suck it up and get on with it. Since that is exactly what should be doing.

Good things?
It's crazy warm here today. Feels like spring outside. So that's nice. Yup.
I love my guy. He's really special.
I have great friends. Also very special.
My kids are sweet and have been showering me with kisses all day.
I have fresh baked bread. Yum.
I cleaned out the junk drawer.
I am having a semi good hair day.
I matched 6 pairs of misc. socks.
Also, I found a lovely shiny penny under my bed.

I want to go to sleep now and wake up next year... where did I put those depends? (They will look hot with this look don't you think?)

Actually, this looks like waaay to much effort. I mean who wears matching bows to bed?? Think I'll retire wearing the huge red flannel p.j's covered with penguins. They will feel far better than they look, lol.


Melanie said...

i like the flannel idea better. the hair is a bit much. so are the shoes!!!

happy new year dear.

B.E. Earl said...

I dunno. It all works for me. ;)

elizabeth said...

melanie - yeah - especially if one has a water bed.
Happy new year to you too!

Earl - of course it does - you've never had to walk in shoes like that.

i am the diva said...

i love it when i find the missing pair to a misfit sock!! so sooo satisfying.

Kat said...

You would so where that to bed ;oD

Kat said...

...and you would sleep in that pose if you could to LOL!

elizabeth said...

kat - *le sigh* I have to admit I probably would. But not the shoes... okay maybe the shoes but not the hairbows. I totally draw the line at the hairbows.

As for the pose... that IS how I sleep. How could you doubt it?