Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay. So the other day my Mother had on her IPOD. She was singing... well sort of .... along to Tina Turner. Then she stopped and looked at me and broke into the old hands swapping on knees dance. I am permanently damaged from witnessing such a spectacle. But it was funny as hell. She IS funny as hell. She has her nose pierced and washes her hair in vinegar... which always makes me want french fries.

I was at the gym this morning and was on the bicycle (aka - TRTD - twisted revolving torture device) when I saw one of the mom's whose son used to go to the same private school my son did. I pulled him out this year because I didn't think that the school was going to stay open and recently heard that it was closed down. Anyways - she approached me and we were instantly caught up in the "did you hear" and "can you believe that?" conversation. I was never one of those mom's but since most of my friends are 45 minutes... or a plane ride away I find myself acting like I did in highschool to attract friends. It's funny actually.

She's pretty cool - but she's a bit of an over-achiever if you know what I mean. One of those mom's who is involved in every school fundraiser and miraculously raises 3 million dollars selling chocolate bars in a week and also manages to work out almost every day, be a soccer mom, have her children involved in 300 activities and still have time to keep up on all of the town gossip. I think she must drink more coffee than me. Or be on drugs.

In other and totally unrelated news - our new driver's license has a funky hologram on it. Cool.


Kat said...

I love you. And your mom. But not in that way.


B.E. Earl said...

And I love the smell of your Mom's hair.

You know what I mean. wink.

Slyde said...

i love you, and your mom. And DEFINITELY in that way.

elizabeth said...

Kat - and we love you too

Earl - um - I think you must like french fries too?

slyde - go to your room. No dinner.